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Be Winter ready with these 5 tricks

Sep 15th 2021

Be Winter ready with these 5 tricks

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If the prospect of giving in your sunglasses for scarves makes you uneasy, worry not: with these five simple techniques, your house can become a warm haven from the elements.

Tip 1: Ensure that your radiators are bled

“Bleeding” your radiators is a simple activity that anybody can perform to increase the output of their central heating system without turning the heat up. Bleed your radiators using our step-by-step method to release trapped air and increase overall efficiency – which results in a warmer house and lower energy costs. See our guide that provides help with this. 

Tip 2: Airtighten your home

By using a few easy techniques to prevent cold draughts from entering your house, you might save 10% on your energy costs.

There are plenty of ways for cold air to enter your home through keyholes, letterboxes, skirting boards, and loft hatches.

Therefore, if cranking up the thermostat isn’t cutting it, check out our easy-to-follow guide on draught-proofing to discover the most effective – and frequently free – techniques to seal out the chilly air.

3rd tip: Invest in a smart thermostat.
A smart thermostat gives you greater control over your home’s heating (not to be confused with smart meters).

Smart thermostats cost between £200 and £250 and enable you to operate your central heating system remotely from any location using your smartphone or PC.

Create a more customised weekly plan and get the power to turn on or off your heat from practically anywhere; this better control might help you save up to 31% on your energy costs.

Discover how smart thermostats operate and the many models available.

Tip 4: Avoid being taken off guard by a malfunctioning boiler.

Nothing is more unpleasant than a freezing shower in the thick of winter. Check your boiler a few weeks before winter kicks in to ensure its working and hasn’t fallen foul during the summer and autumn periods.

Tip 5: Shop around for a new energy provider.

Perhaps the simplest and most effective advice of all: check energy plans to ensure you’re on the most affordable gas and electricity plan possible before winter hits.

With energy usage generally increasing when the weather decreases, avoid being left in the cold by collecting your energy bill and spending ten minutes reviewing all available plans and switching to the best fit for you.

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