Comparing Broadband Only Deals 2024

Begin by comparing the many broadband options accessible to you.

What is meant by "broadband-only" deals?

Broadband-only agreements are those that just contain broadband internet access and do not include home phone or television services, which many providers include as part of their packages.

You only pay for internet access with a broadband-only plan. If you don’t require phone or TV service and just want to get online as cheaply as possible, they are great.

One of the key advantages of these offers is that they are inexpensive, making them ideal for clients on a tight budget. It can also be a simpler alternative to understand because individuals will not be paying extra for things they don’t want or won’t utilize.

When shopping for the finest broadband only offers, there are a few factors to keep in mind. There are a few significant differences to be aware of because some providers have different definitions of what this entails.

Broadband without a phone line and the related rental expense is the most prevalent interpretation of ‘broadband-only.’ Many broadband-only plans, on the other hand, will include a phone line as a requirement, even if you don’t intend to use it to make calls.

Here are a few crucial terms to keep in mind:

  • Broadband without a phone connection: This is what many people think broadband means because it eliminates the need for a phone line. Only a few providers, however, provide such services.

  • Broadband only with line rental: The most frequent type of broadband-only deal, this requires you to have a phone line and pay your provider for line rental. Often, they will include pay-as-you-go phone services as an add-on, so you can keep your phone but not pay for features you don’t use.

  • Mobile broadband: This sort of wireless broadband links you to the internet via a 3G or 4G mobile network, using a data-only SIM card that does not allow you to make or receive calls. There is no need for a phone line, but a good mobile connection is required.

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Deal Average Speed Contract Period
Virgin Media M350 Super-fast Fibre Broadband (no phone line) 362Mb * 18 months
Virgin Media M200 Super-fast Fibre Broadband (no phone line) 213Mb * 18 months
Virgin Media M100 Super-fast Fibre Broadband (no phone line) 108Mb * 18 months
What companies sell broadband-only plans?

Almost every UK internet provider offers a broadband-only plan, but you’ll still have to pay for line rental in the vast majority of cases.

However, some carriers provide real broadband-only plans that do not require a phone. Virgin Media broadband is the main provider, however complete fiber providers like Hyperoptic and mobile broadband operators like Vodafone, O2, EE, and Three also provide broadband-only options.

Is it necessary for me to have a phone line?

Yes, in the vast majority of cases. Most UK broadband providers use Openreach’s network to give internet connections, which means you’ll still need a phone line — either copper or fiber cables — so you’ll need one.

Virgin Media, on the other hand, distributes broadband via a dedicated coaxial connection, therefore these services don’t require a phone line. Its network is more limited, so check your postcode with our broadband postcode checker to see if it’s available in your area.

What are the drawbacks of broadband without a landline connection?

The biggest downside of having broadband without a landline is that you won’t have a reliable phone option if you need one.

While many people have decided to abandon their landline in favor of relying solely on a mobile phone, this may leave them without a means of communication if there are network issues or if they are unable to charge their device due to prolonged power outages. Landlines, on the other hand, will continue to work in these situations and can always be relied on in an emergency.

Is it possible to receive fiber broadband without having a phone line?

Yes. Virgin’s fiber plans are all available without a landline, and complete fiber providers may give ultrafast speeds of up to 1Gbps without a phone line. You can get fast fibre broadband without a phone line if these services are available in your area.

If not, an additional line rental fee will be required if you want to get fibre broadband from providers that utilize the Openreach network, such as BT, Sky, Plusnet, and TalkTalk.

Bundles may be a better alternative.

While internet-only solutions will be more cost-effective for many people who do not require phone or television services, if you do require these services, it may be more cost-effective to opt for a combined package, such as a broadband plus home phone contract, even if you only use them occasionally.

While many broadband-only providers provide pay-as-you-go phone services, depending on how frequently you use them, a package that includes calls may be less expensive.

Meanwhile, bundling pay-TV channels is sometimes less expensive than purchasing them separately, as many pay-TV providers offer better discounts to customers who also use their broadband and phone services.

As a result, if you’re thinking about buying a TV and broadband bundle, make sure you compare broadband, phone, and TV deals to ensure you’re receiving the best value for your needs.

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