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BT offers award-winning broadband and calls, as well as optional digital TV, including BT Sport.

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TalkTalk provides affordable broadband, TV, and home phone packages.

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Sky provides superfast broadband, calls, and award-winning television programming. Sky Q, Sky’s groundbreaking set-top box, is included in all TV packages.

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Virgin Media

Virgin Media’s superfast and ultrafast internet bundles offer great value unlimited broadband with TV and phone bundle options that reach speeds of up to 516Mbps.

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Plusnet was named Provider of the Year for its high-value broadband and voice packages, which offer download speeds of up to 76 megabits per second.

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Direct Save Telecom

Direct Save Telecom offers a variety of low-cost phone and internet plans, as well as short-term contracts.

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Vodafone offers new and existing customers high-speed Internet deals. There are also a variety of mobile broadband options available.

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XLN Telecom

With XLN, you can get fast, unlimited business broadband, low-cost calls, and award-winning service.

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Lewis Broadband

BT offers award-winning broadband and calls, as well as optional digital TV, including BT Sport.

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EE offers a variety of low-cost broadband, phone, and TV bundles. There are also 4G mobile MiFis available.

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BT offers award-winning broadband and calls, as well as optional digital TV, including BT Sport.Hyperoptic provides exceptional speeds to a limited number of UK postcodes. Up to 1Gb download speeds are available, as well as a complimentary wireless router.

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In rural locations across central and southern England, Gigaclear develops, installs, and manages a full fiber, ultrafast broadband network. Its network, which began in 2010, currently touches homes and businesses in over 450 villages across 22 counties – and is still growing.

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Pop Telecom

Pop Telecom offers low-cost ADSL broadband with speeds up to 17 megabits per second.

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Origin Broadband offers broadband and phone packages that include genuinely unlimited usage, a complimentary high-end router, and up to 66Mbps download speeds.

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NOW Broadband provides a variety of TV, broadband, and home phone bundles, as well as the option of adding Entertainment channels.

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Onestream specializes in cost-effective Broadband and Fibre solutions, as well as Unlimited Broadband and amazing value phone plans.

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Shell Energy

Broadband Shell Energy now offers ADSL and fiber broadband with up to 76Mbps download speeds and unlimited downloads.

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Community Fibre

Community Fibre provides the quickest 100 percent full fibre broadband in London. We’re bringing faster, more affordable broadband to the London neighborhoods we serve.

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Simple broadband is the way to go. On a one-month rolling contract, get super-fast fibre broadband for one low price. In addition, 1% of each bill is utilized to provide internet access to those who need it the most.

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KCOM is a full fibre broadband provider in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, delivering super-fast connections to homes and businesses. It provides you with a super-reliable, future-proof connection that is delivered directly to your home. Never before has there been a greater need for true broadband.

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In the United Kingdom, there are over 150 broadband providers, each offering a variety of services and broadband speeds. We’ve covered the costs, features, benefits, and downsides of some of the UK’s largest and most widely available internet service providers and their networks in this Switch Squid broadband provider directory.
Learn everything you need to know about comparing broadband providers and their services.
Broadband from BT
Although Vodafone normally receives positive comments, you can always consult Ofcom’s complaints statistics for a more in-depth understanding of its customer service levels and the most recent feedback on its service.
Broadband from Sky
Sky is the UK’s largest satellite and digital television provider, with broadband and home phone services included in its bundle packages.
It delivers broadband to your house using the same Openreach networks as BT, and it also offers ultrafast full fibre speeds.
Due to its low-cost fiber plans, TalkTalk has a large number of broadband customers, as well as home phone and pay-TV via the YouView set-top box.
Virgin Media
Virgin Media provides high-speed broadband and high-quality TV through its cable network and offers premium cable broadband and TV bundles.
The company serves roughly 52 percent of UK households and is actively improving its network to support gigabit broadband speeds, which it plans to complete by the end of 2021.
Broadband from Vodafone
The service offers a variety of low-cost internet options, including superfast and ultrafast fiber broadband as well as 5G home broadband.
EE broadband
EE offers blazing-fast 4G and 5G mobile broadband, traditional fibre-to-the-cabinet (FTTC), and now an ultrafast internet service with rates of up to 900Mbps.
EE mobile subscribers can potentially increase their data plans by purchasing EE home broadband.
Plusnet is a low-cost internet service provider with exceptional customer service that offers clients economical fibre and copper ADSL broadband packages.
NOW Broadband is a Sky-owned company that offers low-cost fiber broadband packages with easy access to TV add-ons and unique content.
Hyperoptic is a full fibre broadband provider for new-build homes and purpose-built flats, offering ultrafast and even gigabit internet speeds.
It’s also branching out into older buildings in metropolitan areas.
Compare broadband deals with Switch Squid to get a wide choice of possibilities for your house if you’re seeking to switch providers.
Providers of fiber-optic broadband
Hyperoptic is a full fibre broadband provider for new-build homes and purpose-built flats, offering ultrafast and even gigabit internet speeds.
It’s also branching out into older buildings in metropolitan areas.
Compare broadband deals with Switch Squid to get a wide choice of possibilities for your house if you’re seeking to switch providers.
Providers of fiber-optic broadband
Almost all UK carriers provide fiber broadband connections across the country. However, depending on the provider and the type of fiber connection you pick, a wide range of fiber speeds is still accessible.
Fibre-optic broadband rates can range from 30Mbps to 1Gbps, with superfast being the fastest. As a result, the service you receive with fiber is entirely dependent on what is available in your area.
Fibre-to-the-cabinet (FTTC), which is provided through Openreach’s superfast network, is the most widely available type of fiber. It is home to the majority of the aforementioned providers and is accessible to more than 95% of the country.
FTTC offers rates of 30 to 70 Mbps, making it the slowest fibre broadband option. However, it is frequently the cheapest and most commonly available. Plus, it’s still far quicker than copper-based ADSL broadband, and it’ll give modest households plenty of capacity.
In a rising number of regions, Virgin Media’s cable internet network offers far faster alternatives, ranging from 50Mbps to 600Mbps and even 1Gbps. However, with a coverage rate of 52 percent, it does not reach as many UK homes as Openreach’s FTTC. It’s also more expensive since Virgin uses special ‘coaxial’ cables to link the cabinet to your home instead of regular copper phone lines.
Full fiber providers currently offer the fastest broadband speeds in the UK. Fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) simply means that fiber-optic cables run straight from the provider’s broadband exchange to your home. In some regions, speeds on one of these networks might range from 100Mbps to 3Gbps.
Our specialized guide will teach you all you need to know about fiber broadband.
Which internet service providers are the fastest?
Right now, the fastest options for you will be those who can supply gigabit broadband. These will mostly be full-fibre providers, but Virgin Media, with its cable broadband technology, is also one of the fastest.
Although full fiber coverage is now just 21% nationally, it is fast expanding thanks to a variety of networks:
  • For BT and Sky, Openreach delivers FTTP broadband connections.
  • Vodafone’s ‘Gigafast’ connections are hosted by CityFibre, as well as some of its offers.
  • On its network, Gigaclear offers download speeds of up to 900Mbps.
  • Full fibre is available from Hyperoptic for new-builds and flats.
  • Only London locations are served by Community Fibre, however, its connections can reach speeds of up to 3Gbps.
Take a look at our guide to gigabit internet for more information on the fastest broadband speeds in the UK.
Selecting the Best Broadband Service Provider
Certain broadband providers are better recognized for certain services than others, and each will have at least one unique selling point that will appeal to a consumer with a certain set of requirements.
Here, we’ll go over the most important factors to consider when choosing a broadband bundle, as well as which providers might be best for you.
Price per month
When picking a broadband provider, the cost is a factor to consider. Although a particular provider may provide deals with more features than you could ever need, if the monthly price is out of your budget, you may regret it in the long run.
Plusnet and TalkTalk are two popular options for low-cost broadband. They’re both widely available with fast fiber offers around the country, and they have excellent customer service.
You may compare inexpensive broadband offers with Switch Squid if you’re looking for a good deal on broadband.
Broadband download speeds
You’ll need to double-check that the plan you purchase has enough bandwidth for your needs.
If you have a small household and merely use the internet to check social media or surf the web, a normal 10Mbps broadband package from POP Telecom, Direct Save Telecom, or John Lewis Broadband may suffice.
If you have more than two people in your household who use the internet, or if you frequently stream high-definition television, download large files, or play bandwidth-intensive online games, your demand will quickly rise, and a faster broadband package will likely be the best option.
While connected to your Wi-Fi, run a broadband speed test to check what speeds you’re getting now and whether you could benefit from a better connection.
Customer service is important.
As a paying customer, you’ll want to know that the service provider you select will treat you with respect, competence, and, when it counts, haste. Good customer service makes your life easier, whether it’s via managing complaints, providing helpful communications, or resolving connection issues.
Find out which broadband provider provides the greatest customer care.
Instead of going straight to Ofcom or the ombudsman, if you have a complaint about your broadband service, it’s preferable to first take it up with your provider to see if they can come up with a solution. Here’s how to contact your broadband provider and file a complaint.
Which broadband service providers are available in my area?
Switch Squid tries to make it easier for you to find the best broadband provider for your needs by providing you with important information about each provider and a short overview of their packages.
You may use our postcode checker to compare broadband providers available to you at a broadband package level. In a matter of seconds, you’ll be able to see which bargains are accessible to you.
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