Why purchase Vodafone broadband?
  • Buffering is no longer an issue. For better speeds, look into fibre broadband options.
  • There are no restrictions when it comes to browsing With limitless downloads, you can stream and game as much as you like.
  • Connect your house to the internet. You will receive a free Wi-Fi router.
Vodafone broadband
Vodafone is one of the most well-known and well-known telecoms companies in the United Kingdom. In addition to being one of the UK’s main four mobile carriers and having made the country’s first mobile phone call in 1985, the company now provides home internet services. It has over 440 million customers in 27 countries, including 19.5 million in the United Kingdom.
The company offers superfast fiber connections across the UK and gives discounts to subscribers who also sign up for a Vodafone Pay Monthly contract, making the broadband and mobile package deal a reasonable deal.
The following are some of the key features of Vodafone broadband:
  • Contracts of 18 months
  • If your broadband speed goes below a specified minimum, you can get up to 15% off your bill with the Ultimate Speed Guarantee.
  • Receive a free Wi-Fi Hub
  • Vodafone Broadband smartphone app to monitor your broadband.
  • F-Secure SAFE internet security software comes with a six-month free trial.
How excellent is Vodafone's internet service?
In 2019, Vodafone broadband received numerous awards based on public statistics.
How excellent is Vodafone's internet service?
In 2019, Vodafone broadband received numerous awards based on public statistics.
Review of Vodafone Broadband
Although Vodafone normally receives positive comments, you can always consult Ofcom’s complaints statistics for a more in-depth understanding of its customer service levels and the most recent feedback on its service.
Vodafone’s internet speed
When it comes to signing up for a Vodafone broadband plan, customers have two main options, both of which promise superfast speeds and access to all of the services they require. Vodafone does not provide slower ADSL services because it is a fiber-only provider.
Customers may be able to use Vodafone’s Gigafast services, which offer speeds of up to 900Mbps, in addition to the two Superfast alternatives. However, these deals are only available in select places.
Superfast 1
Superfast 1 is the first fiber option. This offers average speeds of 38Mbps, with Vodafone guaranteeing a minimum speed of 25Mbps for all subscribers or a refund. This service, according to the company, is excellent for daily browsing and streaming on a few devices.
Superfast 2
The Superfast 2 bundle from Vodafone is designed for people with busier homes who require constant high-quality streaming and gaming connectivity. This provides average speeds of 67Mbps, with a minimum of 55Mbps guaranteed for all customers. If this speed is not met, users can request a refund.
What is the speed of Vodafone broadband in my area?
While the superfast Openreach fibre network utilized by Vodafone covers more than 95% of the UK, there may still be some ‘not-spots.’ Exact speeds will vary depending on a user’s location, with several factors influencing a home’s unique performance.
The easiest way to find out what Vodafone broadband speed is available in your region is to use our Postcode Checker, which will show you what packages are available and at what speeds.
What constitutes a satisfactory broadband connection?
What constitutes a good internet speed is determined by the purpose for which you intend to utilize your connection. A speed of 1.5Mbps is sufficient for everyday web surfing and occasional standard definition streaming, while Netflix recommends a minimum of 3Mbps for standard streaming and 5Mbps for HD streaming.
However, if you want to broadcast in 4K ultra-high-definition smoothly, you’ll need at least 24Mbps. It’s worth noting, too, that the more people in your home that are connected to the internet at the same time, the higher the speed you’ll require.
Router from Vodafone
Vodafone’s Wi-Fi Hub router is included free of charge with all of its broadband plans. This router, according to the firm, is twice as fast as its previous one and is designed to provide wireless internet coverage throughout your home.
It also includes the Vodafone Broadband app, which lets you manage your home internet from your phone. Device Boost is one of the functions featured, and it allows you to prioritize the signal of a single device for a speedier connection. You can use this on a gaming console, for example, to ensure that you get the latest game as soon as possible.
You can also establish specific online and offline Wi-Fi timings, so you can focus on dinner and switch off the kids’ internet access when it’s time to go to bed, for example.
Through the easy-to-use Android or iOS app, users can effortlessly set up guest networks, block any unwanted devices, and receive a real-time view of everything going on on the network, including all the devices currently connected.
With Vodafone broadband, can I use my router?
Yes. You can use your router if you don’t want to use the Vodafone Wi-Fi Hub router that comes with the package, as long as it has been authorized by Openreach.
The exact methods will vary depending on the device you’re using, but to connect a third-party router, you’ll need your Vodafone username and password. The customer service team at Vodafone can assist you with this. However, because Vodafone will not be able to give support for a third-party router, you will be required to reconnect your Vodafone router if you have any network or performance difficulties.
Setup of Vodafone broadband
Vodafone broadband should be simple to set up and use, with no need for an engineer visit. It should also function right away.
All consumers have to do is plug their Wi-Fi Hub into a phone jack. If you only have a single socket, you’ll need to utilize the accompanying microfilter. If you have a dual-socket, though, this isn’t necessary. All you have to do in this situation is put the DSL cable into the socket and the other end into your router.
Then all you have to do is connect the router to a power source and switch it on, and you’re ready to go.
Is there an installation price for Vodafone broadband?
No, there are no additional setup or installation fees with Vodafone broadband plans.
Setup time for Vodafone broadband
Vodafone broadband should take around ten days to activate from the moment you place your order, though this may vary depending on any engineering work that needs to be done.
When you sign up, you’ll be asked when you’d like the services to be connected, albeit the service may not become available until after midnight on the go-live day.
Is Vodafone's broadband service based on BT lines?
Vodafone uses BT-owned Openreach’s network to supply fibre broadband services to its customers. However, where Gigafast services are available, they are delivered over a separate network constructed in collaboration with CityFibre.
F-Secure antivirus from Vodafone
F-Secure SAFE antivirus software is included in all Vodafone fibre broadband bundles for six months. This program protects up to five devices from dangers such as viruses, ransomware, and phishing assaults. It can also be used to track down a missing device or erase data if a phone or tablet is lost or stolen, as well as protect your children from unsuitable information.
After your six-month trial period has ended, you can extend your insurance for an additional 12 months at a substantially discounted rate compared to the standard RRP. You’ll have to sign up for the service and manually activate it, so you won’t be charged if you don’t want to use it.
How to Get in Touch With Vodafone
Vodafone broadband assistance is available by phone from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., Monday through Friday, including weekends. You can also communicate with an adviser via live chat or explore the firm’s website for answers to a variety of frequently asked queries.
If you have a technical question, a payment issue, or if you’re moving or want to terminate your subscription, the company can help.
Customer service phone number for Vodafone broadband Dial 191 from any Vodafone SIM for free, or dial 0333 3040 191 from any other mobile carrier or landline. This number has standard call rates. Please contact Sky via online forums, chats, and email whenever feasible.
How to Get in Touch With Vodafone The firm’s live chat service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for online assistance.
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