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Use this handy guide when Moving Home to ensure you find a good deal for your electricity and gas.

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Moving house comes with its worries, excitements and wonders.

Making sure you are in the know when it comes to your gas and electricity bills is essential to ensure you are not overpaying and makes for one less thing to worry about.

Once you have read through the guide, feel free to compare and switch your gas and electricity with Switch Squid today.


Before you move

It is important to get in touch with your existing energy provider and let them know that you are moving house.

A notice period of at least 48 hours is highly recommended, but it is also ok to tell them as soon as it’s confirmed you are moving home.

It is very important that you read your meter(s) on (or as possibly close to) your move date. This is to ensure you are only charged for the energy you have used and are not responsible for anything after. i.e. when a new owner or tenant moves in.

You could take time and date-stamped pictures (if possible) of the meter in the event of a conflict so that you have proof of your reads from the date you left.


Find out who supplies your gas and electricity in your new home

Although it is usually general information provided when purchasing or renting a property, you may find our guide Who supplies your electricity or gas? helpful if you still can’t find the suppliers at your new home.

When you move into the property you will need to set up a new contract with a supplier as this is the best way to secure a great deal.

You will be on a standard variable contract initially which typically is up to 40% more expensive than using a price comparison website such as Switch Squid to compare and switch to find a better deal.


Moving into a rented property

If your tenancy agreement does not include bills, you will need to set up gas and electricity in your new home. Ask the renting agency, landlord or follow our guide ‘Who supplies your electricity or gas? ‘ to find who supplies energy to the property.

Take a meter read and then you can use a comparison website such as Switch Squid to look for a great deal for your energy.

Keep in mind that after this transfer, you will be held liable for the gas and electricity bills of your house. Therefore, you have an option to change supplier in case you find a better offer.

Until you agree to a new contract, you will be on a standard variable tariff – which is usually the most expensive plan.

Compare and switch with Switch Squid today to find a great gas and electricity deal.


Transferring your current energy plan when you move

In some cases it is possible to transfer your current deal to your new property, however, this is usually only if you are moving within the same area and is entirely at the supplier’s discretion.

The Distribution Network Operators (DNO) are responsible for the upkeep of the network and as such charge energy suppliers for their services.

Lots of things impact these charges meaning the rates that customers pay will differ from area to area.

If you can’t transfer your energy plan, be sure to run a quick comparison as when you move in, you will be paying the standard variable – which is usually more expensive.


If your new home has a prepayment meter

In this case, you must pay for gas and electricity in advance as the name suggests.

It is frequently referred to as a “pay-as-you-go” system because it requires you to top-up your energy credits with a key, token or app/online.

Having this type of meter works for a lot of households as it provides budgeting certainty.

This being said, these meters do cost more to maintain by the network and as such, are harder to find competitive deals for.

You can apply to your energy supplier to have your meter swapped for a standard credit meter.

None of the ‘Big Six’ suppliers will charge for switching you to a standard credit meter, however, they may need to run a credit check to ensure that paying by direct debit is the best option for you. Your account will also need to be free of debt.


If your new home has an 'Economy 7' electricity meter

An economy 7 electricity meter, also known as a day/night meter, provides two kWH rate charges at different times.

It’s similar to ‘off-peak/on-peak’.

The two charges are split into two: Day (rate 1) & night (rate 2). The energy for 7 hours at night is charged at a significantly lower rate. Please be aware that this does increase the day rate in comparison to a single rate meter.

One benefit of this is if you have an electric car, charging during the reduced 7 hours will save you money.

The times that Economy 7 runs are usually from 12 am – 7 am.

If you would like to switch to an Economy 7 electricity meter, enquire to your supplier.

It isn’t always possible and there can be costs involved so weighing up the options beforehand is a good way to get the ball rolling.

Comparing Economy 7 energy tariffs is a sure way to keep bills low.

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