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Compare Dual Fuel Energy Deals 2024

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Define Dual Energy tariffs

Your best option for saving more money on energy charges would be switching from other tariffs to dual energy rates.

If you are still wondering what dual energy rates mean, think of having both electricity and gas provided to you by one supplier.

Joining both your electricity and gas charges is a great advantage. You get to deal with only one supplier for all your energy offers.

You can trust Switch Squid to provide you with a variety of energy suppliers that can act as dual fuel providers. Use the energy comparison calculator on Switch Squid to compare the rates of the various dual-energy suppliers. And emerge with the best deal for your home.

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Is the dual-energy rate less costly?
Instead of going for two different suppliers of electricity and gas, you can opt for one. This has proven to be a remarkably less costly alternative as some providers give discounts on dual fuel energy tariffs.
The following are some of the ways these discounts are offered;
  • Refund for switching to that specific supplier
  • A deduction from your bill
  • Less costly dual-energy tariffs
  • Lower standing charges on dual fuel tariffs
Although, dual-energy rates don’t need to be the most inexpensive tariffs. It is always better to first scout out for all options before resorting to a specific tariff. You might get better deals out there.
Switch Squid provides you with the privilege to explore your options before zoning on the tariff most suitable to you.
There is more to just helping you compare the different tariffs with Switch Squid. You get to experience a hassle-free switch and also get informed when your contract is up so that you can look for the next big deal on the market.
What are the advantages of using the same supplier for both gas and electricity deals?
Choosing the dual-energy tariff has more advantages attached to it than saving money from the discounts provided.
If you are using one supplier for both your electricity and gas tariffs, you will need to deal with paperwork and passwords once. Your workload is reduced with dealing with one supplier.
This involves getting one bill when it’s time for payment. In the case of sending meter readings, it will be a joint reading sent using the same online account. There is no need for separate accounts for the two energy tariffs.
And in case of any technical issues, you can always contact the same supplier which makes your work simpler.
The best advantage comes when you are using a smart meter for your readings because then you only need one meter for a dual-energy tariff.
How simple is the dual-energy switching process?
There is no difference between switching to other tariffs and a dual-energy tariff.
Have your location details, supplier name, the existing tariff, and an approximated usage information. If you are unsure of the usage, the comparison engine will take care of that. Enter this information in the engine and let your switch begin.
The following are the next steps required to finish your switch process;
  • Find the comparison tool for home energy on our website and enter your details.
  • Discover the dual-energy rate you wish to contract with.
  • We inform your previous provider about your decision to switch.
  • You will then receive a welcome pack from the energy supplier you chose to switch to.
  • Send your meter readings to the previous supplier to get the final bill and let your savings begin.
How do I tell the tariff I am using is for dual-energy?
This confusion can arise when you have just transferred to a new home. You may be unsure about the energy tariff the home comes with.
The number one way to tell is by going through the latest energy bill. And in cases where you can’t find the bill, call the supplier to find out your energy plan. Or you can simply inquire from the landlord as well as the tenant before you.
And if there are two bills for both energy and gas usage, then it is obvious that you are off the dual-energy tariff.
Can I get dual energy rates from any supplier?
You are most likely to find very many dual-energy deals on the market with Switch Squid.
Our connections extend beyond fifty energy providers in the UK. And most of them provide dual-fuel rates, although a single tariff can also be a good choice.
All you have to do is to contrast the different energy suppliers on the market and save plenty of money off your bills.
Compare energy suppliers with Switch Squid and receive the best quotes
We offer a platform for you to discover different energy deals that appeal to you and help you save money off bills. You’ll find the quick energy comparison calculator on our website to help you calculate how much you can save with the different suppliers.
Freequently Asked Questions
Is everyone eligible for a dual fuel tariff?
As long as you are using mains gas and electricity, there shouldn’t be a problem with you switching your home energy to a dual tariff. But in a strict electricity usage home, or with other energies like bottled gas, oil, and solid fuel, the owner isn’t eligible for a dual fuel tariff.
What is the difference between gas and electricity from a single and a dual fuel contract?
Yes, you will get the same gas and electricity delivered to your home. The only difference will be in the way you are billed for your gas and electricity.
Do green dual-energy tariffs exist?
Yes, you can switch to a dual fuel green energy tariff.
When choosing a green energy tariff, your supplier will usually match the electricity you use with green energy which is fed into the National Grid. Renewable gas is usually achieved through a mixture of matching the gas you use with green and carbon offsetting.
Do business dual energy rates exist?
Just like with home energy, you can choose to switch both your gas and electricity to the same business energy supplier.
Although most suppliers offer business electricity and business gas separately, it may be possible to secure a discount by switching both fuels to one provider.
At Love Energy Savings, we can help you compare the best business energy tariffs and discover whether it’s cheaper to get your business electricity and gas from one supplier.
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