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Your company’s survival is dependent on its ability to obtain electricity. That doesn’t mean you have to pay exorbitant rates for your company’s electricity. Switching to a suitable tariff based on usage is the simplest approach for a company to save money.
Switching suppliers is viewed as a difficult task by many organizations. However, Switch Squid makes the transition simple and cost-effective, enabling your company to save a fortune each year.
Because there are hundreds of suppliers on the market, it can be difficult to spot the best deals for your firm’s electricity. This is where Switch Squid comes in!
In a matter of seconds, we weigh various tariff options, providing you with direct access to amazing offers. Since everything is online, you can select your supplier, pricing, and track your switch from the comfort of your own home.
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From our wide pool of business electricity providers, you can get amazing deals that can save you money.
With Switch Squid, it’s quite easy to discover the best energy deals available. As a result, we can offer assistance in switching your company gas and electricity suppliers at the same time. In just a few minutes, you can find the greatest deals using our comparison tool.
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Our customers
About £1,067
As of April 2021, 272,872 power meters had been switched, resulting in a total savings of £78 million.
Since its establishment, Switch Squid has enabled its clients to save about £1,067 by changing electricity. This information was gathered in July of 2021.
What are the different tariff types in the energy industry?
Comparisons of business electricity plans can be challenging because there is more to consider when determining which plan is best for your company. You must evaluate how your business consumes energy, how much it will cost, the size of your firm, and whether you have several locations, to determine which business electricity rate will give the most bang for your buck.
Each tariff type has its own set of advantages, ranging from fixed costs over a certain period to renewable energy. As a result, it’s crucial to thoroughly evaluate business energy tariffs, which will assist you in identifying the most cost-effective tariffs.
Switching with Switch Squid also comes with expert advice on which tariff type is appropriate for your entity’s needs.
What are the different tariff types in the energy industry?
Business energy rates explained
One of the most common types of business electricity tariffs is a fixed rate tariff. When you sign up for this type of tariff, you agree to pay a predetermined unit price as well as a standing charge. Depending on your energy provider, you may be able to lock in this price for a couple of years, up to five years in some cases.
Businesses that wish to have full control over their bills and budgeting can benefit from a fixed-rate electricity tariff since they are shielded from rising electricity prices.
Switch Squid enables you to select the ideal electricity tariff and supplier for your firm. With our reputable electricity supplier network, you can obtain a fixed-term rate for 12, 24, 36, 48, or 60 months with a switching window up to a year ahead of time.
Business Electricity rates according to size
Whereas business energy rates are heavily influenced by a variety of factors such as usage and location of the entity, the following are the typical business electricity prices per kWh by size in the UK:
Size of the business Yearly usage Unit price/kWh Standing charge Yearly bill
Micro 8,000 kWh 16.74p 27.4p £1,439
Small 20,000 kWh 14.83p 26.83p £3,064
Medium 40,000 kWh 13.68p 26.41p £5,568
Large 80,000 kWh 12.93p 26.20p £10,439
Size of the business Micro
Yearly usage 8,000 kWh
Unit price/kWh 16.74p
Standing charge 27.4p
Yearly bill £1,439
Size of the business Small
Yearly usage 20,000 kWh
Unit price/kWh 14.83p
Standing charge 26.83p
Yearly bill £3,064
Size of the business Medium
Yearly usage 40,000 kWh
Unit price/kWh 13.68p
Standing charge 26.41p
Yearly bill £5,568
Size of the business Large
Yearly usage 80,000 kWh
Unit price/kWh 12.93p
Standing charge 26.20p
Yearly bill £10,439
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Business Electricity rates, according to various suppliers
Several suppliers of business electricity provide lower rates for long energy contracts. Despite lower electricity prices, the wholesale market price fluctuates regularly. This means that company electricity rates could be cheaper or more expensive at any time. This must be taken into account while deciding on the best electricity package for your company.
Before committing to a fixed-rate contract, compare commercial electricity suppliers to verify that you’re getting the best offer. This guarantees that you’re getting the best rate for your company depending on its energy usage.
Do you want to stick with your current business electricity provider?
To save money, you don't always have to change suppliers. Comparing costs is the best approach to find out whether you can obtain a better deal with your current supplier. Request a quotation right now to see how much money you can save!
Accurate rates for business electricity
Our goal at Switch Squid is to make finding affordable business power quotes as easy as possible.
To begin comparing electricity rates for businesses, all you need is your company’s address and contact information.
It’s necessary to have a copy of your most recent bill is helpful as it will assist in obtaining a more reliable quote.
Why it is important to have a copy of your electricity bill
  • It will provide supplier information.
  • It will provide accurate details about how much your current monthly bill is.
  • It will avail you with information on your existing power consumption and the unit rate (kWh)
  • It will provide you with your MPAN number (supplier number)
Why it is important to know your current unit per kWh
  • It is beneficial to be aware of your current energy consumption. Finding out whether you pay a standing charge can enable you to get a more reliable price. A recent electricity bill will show you your kWh.
  • Energy companies utilize the kilowatt-hour (kWh) as a unit of measurement. It calculates the amount of energy you use every hour.
  • A standing charge is an amount of money levied for obtaining electricity daily. This fee also covers the expense of maintaining your energy connections.
Prices are determined by a variety of criteria, including the type of business, current usage, and place of business. At the time of the sample, the prices were accurate. However, they can fluctuate daily.
MPAN explained
MPAN is an abbreviation for Meter Point Administration Number. It is sometimes referred to as S Number or Supply Number. This 13-digit number is unique to your premises, and it will be used by energy providers to compute your electricity costs. On your electricity bill, it’s usually written like this:
A profile type number will be assigned to your MPAN number. This number informs energy providers about the type of commercial firm you run, making switching faster and the administration process for your new supplier simpler.
Moving business property
Business energy contracts are attached to the supply point – not the business owner. This means that if you are moving business premises, there will be no penalty fee for ending your contract early.
What to do if you’re moving business premises:
  • It will provide supplier information.
  • It will provide accurate details about how much your current monthly bill is.
  • It will avail you with information on your existing power consumption and the unit rate (kWh)
  • It will provide you with your MPAN number (supplier number)
How to set up a new electricity contract at your new business premises
  • Take meter readings as soon as you access your new premises
  • Your new premises will most likely be on a deemed contract, so it’s essential that you compare electricity prices as soon as possible and secure the right electricity deal for your business is.
  • Give your new electricity supplier your meter readings and confirm the date you moved in to ensure you’re charged correctly for your energy usage.
What you need to do if your electricity contract is due to end before you move premises
If you are going to move business premises but your electricity deal is up for renewal before you move, it’s important that you still set up a new deal – especially if you have a few months left on the premises contract. If you don’t find a new deal and you go out of contract and continue to use electricity, you will be placed on what’s known as a deemed contract. This means you could be charged higher rates per kWh.
The quickest and easiest way to make sure you avoid high business electricity prices is to switch to a new deal as soon as possible. Our business comparison engine makes the entire process very quick and easy and our team of energy experts will take care of all the details for you, so you can focus on your business instead of your bills.
Then, when the time comes for you to move out, simply call your energy provider and let them know. Remember, energy contracts are attached to the premises, not the business owner or bill payer; therefore you will not be charged a penalty fee for ending your contract early.
What is a deemed contract?
When you set up a new electricity contract with your supplier, you both agree to a number of terms, such as how much you will pay per kWh of electricity used. If you continue to use electricity when this contract ends and you do not renew with your supplier or switch to a new deal, the supplier can now place you on a deemed contract (also referred to as a default contract) and charge you their ‘deemed rates’. This means your bills will be significantly higher — in some cases, it can be as much as 80% higher than rates charged in an agreed contract, as reported by Ofgem.
How to cancel a deemed contract
The good news is that there are no cancellation fees and only a 30 day notice period on deemed contracts so you can switch to a cheaper electricity deal at any time. However, it’s important to remember that switching can take a number of weeks, so if you continue to use electricity during this time, you will still pay the deemed rates until your new contract goes live.
Discover more in our helpful article: Guide to Energy and Changing Tenancy.
Multiple-site quotation
If your business operates across multiple sites, we understand that comparing prices may seem a little complex, but we can help simplify the process.
Right now, online energy comparison services can only provide individual quotes per meter. That’s because energy prices can differ depending on where your business is located and the size of your premises.
Types of meters
Household Vs. commercial electricity
FAQs about Business Energy
The following is a list of commercial energy providers?
  • British Gas Lite
  • British Gas
  • Dual Energy
  • EDF
  • EON
  • Gazprom Energy
  • Npower
  • Octopus Energy
  • Opus
  • Scottish Power
  • Total Gas & Power
  • Utilita
How much money would I be able to save if I switched my business?
On average, our customers save 40% when they switch electricity, though this can vary depending on your usage, location and length of contract.
The quickest way to compare electricity prices is to use our comparison engine. Simply enter your postcode and your electricity usage and we’ll return accurate results in less than 60 seconds.
Do prices of electricity vary?
My business is about to relocate. Is it still worth it for me to move to a lower-cost deal?
What is the time frame for switching electricity suppliers?
Will my power be switched off if I change to a different electricity supplier?
Is there a difference in business electricity pricing by region?
Yes – you will find that there are regional variations in business electricity rates, so prices will change from region to region. There are a number of factors that influence these variations, including:
  • How many suppliers sell energy in that region
  • The number of suppliers that buy from the generators in that region
  • The charges local distribution networks put onto your energy supply
What is MPAN?
MPAN stands for Meter Point Administration Number (also known as a Supply Number or S Number). This 13-digit number is unique to your property and energy suppliers will use it to calculate your electricity rates.
Your MPAN number will also have a profile type number. This number tells energy providers about the type of commercial business you operate, which makes it easier for you to switch as it and simplifies the administration process for your new supplier.
Is it possible to terminate my business electricity before the contract ends?
If you simply wish to leave your contract early because you want to switch to a cheaper electricity tariff, then you could be liable to pay an early exit fee on your contract.
It’s always worth weighing up whether this is financially feasible before switching.
You can shop around and secure a cheaper deal up to 12 months before your contract ends. This means you can lock into an incredible deal and enjoy great savings when your contract ends.
If you wish to cancel because you are moving premises, there will be no early exit fee or penalties to pay. This is because energy contracts are attached to the premises, rather than the account holder.
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