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Compare exclusive business gas deals within 60 seconds. We work with a panel of trusted suppliers, so you can switch with confidence.

We appreciate that new businesses are joining us to save gas
  • The current number of business gas switches stands at 85,000
  • We are helping UK businesses save up to 22 million pounds on bills
  • Excellent services
  • Virtual payments
You will find it so simple to switch with us
You can compare different business gas tariffs in less than a minute
After finding your ideal business gas, you can just switch over the phone or online
Save both your time and money by letting us handle for you the other details
How best to save money when using Business Gas
You don’t have to waste time thinking about your business gas renewal, just concentrate on your business.
For those who think of switching suppliers as a demanding task, that’s where Switch Squid comes in.
With Switch Squid, your gas bills will reduce no matter the size of your business. Switching business gas is simplified for you. Within a minute, you can get your hands on the best business gas deals. Save both time and money as you switch your business gas online.
The cost of different business gases
We act as the communal market for any business gas suppliers, therefore, look no further.
We are determined and would love to assist you with all your energy goals, from electricity to gas for your business.
Businesses have come to trust us on switching their gas due to the following accomplishments;
  • So far we’ve heard 85,275 gas switches and counting.
  • Our clients have been able to save over 22 million pounds as of April 2021.
  • A gas customer saves 1,067 pounds on switching, as studied in July 2021.
With us, you’ll find it simple to get your ideal gas supplier
  • Simply find the difference in gas tariffs
    We display for you all the gas tariffs by the different suppliers. This helps you to easily find your ideal business gas.
  • Easily see the business gas quotes
    Switch Squid immediately provides you with several quotes from different suppliers. With these business gas quotes, you can easily discover the best business gas costs.
  • Easily switch suppliers
    Your only role is to locate the ideal gas for your business, then leave the rest for us to handle and connect you with the suppliers.
  • A committed account manager
    We don’t only stop at switching for you the gas deals, we also ensure that your account is overseen. A manager handles your transactions to prevent extra payments on business gas.
Ways to obtain great offers on business gas
Regardless of your business size, there are business gas offers for you. Different businesses have different offers.
And you can get all these offers from us in less than a minute.
Finding the ideal business gas tariff
The best business tariff plan can be obtained after knowing what your business needs. Different gas plans are best for different businesses. But you don’t have to worry about finding the ideal business gas tariff, our experts can help you with that.
  • Fixed-rate business gas tariffs:
    When switching your business gas supplier, it is highly recommended that you switch to a fixed rate tariff.
    By doing this, you’ll be able to pay a constant price on the kWh unit as well as the standing charge only. Depending on the length of your contract, be sure to enjoy this fixed rate tariff in case you’ve purchased it.
    Most importantly under the fixed rate tariff, a business continues to pay the same price even when prices increase. And in case the prices fall, you continue paying the same amount.
    Businesses that heavily depend on consistency find the fixed-rate business gas tariff a good option. They get to plan for their gas expenditures accurately.
  • No standing charge business gas tariffs
    Generally, businesses are required to pay daily fixed fees to their suppliers and this fee is called the standing charge.
    The ‘no standing charge tariff’ prevents businesses from paying this amount as they only make payments for their general gas usage. The disadvantage being that the plain price of the gas will be higher.
    If your business operates at specific periods throughout the year, then this plan might be for you. Same with those that don’t operate every day seeing that they will be able to save more on their bills.
    For businesses that use a lot of gas, the no-standing charge tariff will be more expensive.
  • Ways to choose less costly offers on business gas
    At the end of each contract, suppliers have to send renewals to their clients like the micro-businesses.
    There are high chances that businesses are on more costly ‘rollover contracts’ due to these renewals.
    If you didn’t know, these rolled-over contracts have you paying very high amounts to the suppliers.
    Businesses that take long to switch tend to have the less expensive business gas deals.
Why is business gas more costly than household gas?
Unlike household gas, there are more factors considered while calculating business gas. Some of which include the following;
  • Your business address
  • The property size
  • Your gas provider
  • Present expense on business gas
  • Amount of kWh units being used and standing charges present
  • The category of the meter for example; standard, economy 7, maximum or half-hourly demand.
What is the standard price of business gas?
Businesses need to know the standard price they should be paying for their gas use.
This will help them know the amount they should budget as well as avoid being victims to high renewal prices as quoted by their previous supplier. When a business renews their contract with their supplier whose prices are above the standard prices, they put themselves in a costly position for the duration of the contract.
That’s why it is important for business owners to know the standard business gas prices and constantly make comparisons so that they acquire the best gas deals.
Below are the standard business gas prices for the different business sizes
Whereas business energy rates are heavily influenced by a variety of factors such as usage and location of the entity, the following are the typical business electricity prices per kWh by size in the UK:
Size of enterprise Yearly gas usage in kWh Price per unit kWh Standing charge Yearly bill
Micro 5000 3.925p 27.40p £296
Small 15000 2.303p 26.83p £443
Medium 35000 2.228p 26.41p £894
Large 75000 1.925p 26.20p £1,539
Size of the enterprise Micro
Yearly gas usage in kWh 5000
Price per unit kWh 3.925p
Standing charge 27.40p
Yearly bill £296
Size of the enterprise Small
Yearly gas usage in kWh 15000
Price per unit kWh 2.303p
Standing charge 26.83p
Yearly bill £443
Size of the enterprise Medium
Yearly gas usage in kWh 35000
Price per unit kWh 2.228p
Standing charge 26.41p
Yearly bill £894
Size of the enterprise Large
Yearly gas usage in kWh 75000
Price per unit kWh 1.925p
Standing charge 26.20p
Yearly bill £1,539
The standard business gas prices are not necessarily the cheapest gas deals. Ensure to draw comparisons from different suppliers on Switch Squid to land yourself the best and less costly business gas deal.
Don’t struggle to get the cheapest business gas deal
With Switch Squid, the struggle is always eliminated. Our goal is to simplify the whole process of switching gas for businesses.
We value our customers and their time. This has positioned us as the number one gas switching service provider compared to Switch Squid, GO Compared, and altogether.
The benefits of using Switch Squid are countless;
  • A committed account manager to oversee that your switches run smoothly
  • An easy to use gas switch service as you’ll always get support from our experts
  • Excellent offers as you compare a variety of business gas prices
A simplified way of switching gas
Since we value our customers’ time, we’ve gone on to find an easier way to access the best gas plan without having to scroll down and up looking for the best deal.
We bring you 3 steps to make your whole switching experience better with Switch Squid
Step one:
Fill in your information: Provide us with your address and information about your current supplier. Within a minute we’ll show you the best gas quotes for your business.
Step two:
Enter your tariff plan: Decide on a tariff that’s more suitable for your business and we’ll almost immediately display for you the best gas deals
Step three:
Choose the best switch for your business: That’s the last thing we require of you. After making the switch, just sit back and relax. It is our task to make all the necessary arrangements with your supplier on your behalf.
Several thousands of businesses have been able to switch their business gas to more affordable deals with us. Due to our passion to help businesses save on their service bills, we also provide water and telecom bill-saving deals alongside energy.
Business gas deals
Get free and easy information about different business gas suppliers with Switch Squid.
Check our advanced comparison engine and fill in your information to get suitable business gas quotes and calculate the amount you could save.
Costs of business gas
For different businesses, different gas costs apply. This is because your address and the existing amount of gas you use play a critical role in determining how much you pay. After filling in your information in our comparison engine, you’ll have access to suitable quotes from suppliers.
The costs are categorized as follows;
  • Your business address
  • The property size
  • Your gas provider
You will also be able to figure out the following from the gas quotes;
  • The contract tariff plan, whether fixed or variable
  • Approximated yearly price
  • Approximated monthly price
About Business gas contracts
It is your right to be informed about the contract you are getting although we are responsible for handling everything else. So, as you choose your ideal business gas, also be aware of the following.
The contracts are usually between one to five years, we endeavor to reach out to you towards the end to update you so that you continue to receive incredible deals.
Calling off of your contract
It is possible to call off your contract earlier, but it’s advisable to do this only if you find it financially necessary. Keep in mind that you may have to pay an exit fee.
Contracts are made with businesses, not individuals, therefore, in the end, a business can decide to inform the supplier about moving on.
Feel free to look around for cheaper business gas deals 12 months before the end of your contract. Secure an awesome deal today for tomorrow.
FAQs about Business Gas
How much money would I be able to save if I switched my business?
Household use of gas requires you to pay less VAT compared to business gas. The gas payments highly vary with the amount of gas used as well as the property size which explains the difference in costs.
What is the amount of VAT charged on my business gas?
The standard VAT rate is 20% for most businesses except for charities and NGOs whose tax can be reduced. In case of more information, you can get a VAT declaration form from your supplier.
How much will my business save if I agree to switch?
We guarantee savings of up to 40% generally on switching. It is hard to tell the exact amount since the prices vary for different businesses and their gas usage. The savings can also be affected by your business address and the tariff you prefer.
If you want to know the accurate amount of your savings, it is advisable to use our comparison engine service. You just have to provide us with your existing supplier’s information and expenses to get the right quote.
What do you mean by Green business gas?
One of our new products is the green business gas although it’s still under creation. Green business gas refers to the eco-friendly gas package that provides energy for your business. Since it’s at its initial stages, few people in strategic locations are most likely to lay their hands on it.
With what ease can I choose the best business gas?
Switch Squid’s main goal is to make the whole process easy for you. You just have to provide us with your business details like the rate of usage and location, then our comparison engine will give you feedback right away. Just assess the different suppliers and tariffs, then choose one suitable for you and leave the technical connection details to us.
Which requirements are necessary for business gas switching?
You can find these requirements on your previous bill, but if it’s your first time, then you need the following;
  • How many suppliers sell energy in that region
  • The number of suppliers that buy from the generators in that region
  • The charges local distribution networks put onto your energy supply
As you refer to the previous bill, you can carefully gorge your gas usage and use it to analyze the next best business gas-saving deal.
How long do I have to wait after switching my gas supplier?
You will have to wait for about 4-6 weeks to activate your new contract. Although, everything in between there is done for you.
What is switching business gas all about?
Maybe it’s high time you economized the gas usage for your business. When it comes to this, be sure to pass by Switch Squid. We will manage all the preparations for your switch between you and the supplier.
We provide the switching service for you with ease as you normally continue with your daily business activities. Then it is our responsibility to let you know when all is done.
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