E.ON UK Reviews 2024 Guide

About E.ON UK

Eon is owned by Eon SE – a German corporation. It is one of the major energy producers in the United Kingdom with a portfolio of power stations, wind farms, and biomass units.

Despite losing approximately 500,000 clients in 2019, It is still one of the largest energy suppliers in the Uk supplying energy to around 3.8 million households and businesses.

However, its client base may be ready to grow again, as Eon now controls the majority of Innogy, the parent company of Npower. Eon states that it aspires to lead the worldwide transition to new technologies and to be more sustainable.

It sells a range of solar panels and residential batteries and is also expanding its network of electric car charging stations around the country.

E.ON Electricity & Gas Tariffs
E.ON offers four tariffs with a strong emphasis on green, renewable energy and as standard, all residential electricity tariffs are 100% renewable.
Further to this, E.ON will install a Smart Meter to those who do not yet have one.
Read through their options below then feel free to compare energy deals with them today.
The tariff options are as follows:
  • E.ON EnergyPlan/Standard/variable/ default tariff – If you haven’t agreed to a contract (if you have just moved house for example) or your previous deal has expired, you’ll be on this tariff. The costs change depending on wholesale, distribution and taxation costs. There are more cost-effective tariffs available if you compare and switch your energy through a price comparison service like Switch Squid. You will also be affected by the OFGEM Energy Price Cap. See our guide for more information on the Energy Price Cap.
  • Fix Online – includes a 1-year fixed-term energy contract and access to an exclusive 25% off boiler cover offer. There is also a direct debit discount if you chose to pay that way. Exit fees of £30 per fuel.
  • Fix 2 Year – a 2-year fixed term that offers no exit fee.
  • E.ON Charge v4 – a 12 month fixed term deal that offers an exclusive tariff for electric and hybrid vehicle owners that includes 850 EV miles reward. £30 per fuel exit fee.
E.ON also offers a Pay-as-you-go tariff with no exit fees. It is the same as the Standard Variable pricing but allows you to pay for your energy in advance, top-up online, with their app, or by buying vouchers from any Post Office.
E.ON: Green energy
With global warming and greenhouse gas pollution ever becoming a worldwide emergency, energy suppliers and consumers have to act.
E.ON has a strong outlook on green, renewable energy in the market. Not only have they made all their residential electricity 100% renewable but they have also created tariffs that reward people who are trying to cut down their CO2 footprint with their E.ON Charge deal.
Customer Service Rating
E.ON’s call centre is open 8am – 8pm Monday – Friday & 8am – 6pm on Saturday. It’s closed on Sunday.
Citizen’s Advice gave British Gas 2.45 stars out of 5 for customer service for data collected January – March 2021 when looking at Fewer Complaints, Ease of Contact, Clearer Bills, Ease of Switch and Customer Guarantees.
Why switch to E.ON?
As is the case with many of the more established and well-known gas and electric companies, E.ON frequently falls short on customer service and its prices are rarely as low as those offered by some of the smaller energy suppliers.
Nevertheless, if you want a household name with all the assurances that come with it, whilst opting to use a company that is almost leading the way in reducing carbon emissions E.ON may be the supplier that works best for you.
As always, it pays to shop about so conduct a thorough energy price comparison to discover what’s available from a variety of suppliers before switching.
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