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Energy costs are spiralling out of control, forcing several suppliers to eliminate their tariffs.
this means for you is as follows:
  • We are unlikely to be able to save you money at the moment due to a lack of tariffs to compare.
  • We want to assist you in the future - but we have no idea when that will be.
We believe in doing the right thing for our clients at all times - which is why we'd rather inform you now. Consequently you don't waste time quoting if we're unlikely to be able to assist you.

What is the best way to locate the cheapest power supplier?

There isn’t a single low-cost power source that can serve everyone. The cheapest power package for you will be determined by your usage levels, the type of meter you have (standard, prepayment, or smart meter), the type of tariff you choose (fixed or variable), and whether or not you want your electricity to be generated by renewable sources of energy.

Make sure to compare power rates on a frequent basis to ensure that you are getting the greatest bargain possible.
Try to have a current bill or annual statement available so that you may compare power costs that are suited to your specific user needs and preferences.
If you have a house where you use both gas and electricity, make sure to research electricity pricing as well as dual fuel offers before purchasing. It is possible that a dual fuel tariff will be more cost effective for you.
In the event that you haven’t changed your energy supplier in a while, it’s possible that you are on the standard variable tariff, which is generally the most expensive sort of plan. Switching to a fixed-rate power tariff can frequently result in the lowest electricity rates being obtained. It is possible that you will not even need to transfer suppliers in order to obtain a better bargain if you do a comparison to locate the cheapest energy tariff available from your current supplier.
Please input your data here if you just use energy in your house. We will then show you the lowest power plans we can move you to right now. While we will automatically show you dual fuel offers if you use both gas and electricity in your house, if you just use electricity, you may compare electricity costs by selecting ‘show me only deals’ on your results page.
Is it possible that transferring power providers may result in an interruption in my service?
No. When it comes to cables, pipelines, and meters, your new low-cost energy supplier will utilise precisely the same ones that you are now using (unless you have agreed for them to install an advanced smart meter). Switching to a low-cost energy supplier does not imply that you will receive a physically different power supply; the only thing that will change is that you will receive lower electricity bills from a different source.
Additionally, your new power supplier will make contact with your old electricity supplier to organize the transfer in order to ensure that there is no interruption in service.

Is it true that low-cost power translates into bad customer service?

No, subscribing to a low-cost power plan does not automatically imply that you will be sacrificing customer service quality.

As part of our power price comparison service, we will display the customer satisfaction ratings of each electricity supplier on the ‘plan information’ page. You can pick the finest power plan based on customer service as well as pricing because these results are based on real-world consumer feedback.

It’s also worth looking at our energy awards to see which suppliers are offering the most competitive power tariffs for you as well as those with excellent customer reviews – frequently, they are the same thing.

How can I make the move to a more affordable power plan?

The lowest energy tariff is not always the same for every household, therefore it is vital to search around for prices that are suited to your specific need. The only way to find out which energy provider offers the best price for you is to do an electricity comparison on a website such as Switch Squid.

To begin your search for a low-cost power plan, you will need to provide us with two pieces of information:

In order to begin your search for low-cost power, you’ll need to know where you reside. Have your postcode available. We’ll look for the most cost-effective power provider for you. The amount of electricity you consume. No need to know your precise consumption; we can generate an estimate based on the number of people that reside in your house and the size of your property. Nevertheless, to obtain the most accurate results, input your power use in kWh.

We’ll take care of the rest after you’ve selected your new low-cost power plan from among several options. Because we will put your old and new providers in touch to arrange a switchover date, you will not need to notify your existing supplier that you are moving.

If your power supplier adheres to the Energy Transfer Guarantee, your whole electricity switch should be completed within 21 days of signing the contract. This includes a cooling-off period during which you can withdraw your consent to the transition.

What are the benefits of switching power providers?

In most cases, if you haven’t moved to a more affordable energy plan in the last year or two, or if you haven’t switched at all, the default or standard variable tariff offered by your electricity provider is in effect. Electricity tariffs that are the most affordable are frequently fixed plans that provide a low introductory rate to new consumers.

Even if you have previously signed up for a fixed energy plan, this is only for a limited amount of time, and your provider will most likely switch you away from your low-cost electricity rate and onto a regular variable price once the fixed period is up and running (often 12-24 months).

These tariffs are used by about half of all homes in the United Kingdom, and regrettably, they are frequently the most costly form of plan available. The only method to move to a lower-cost energy tariff is to do so – either by moving your electricity tariff or by switching your power supplier completely, as explained below.

While the primary motivation for most individuals to switch is to save money on power, there are other factors to consider. Some consumers place a higher value on customer service than they do on financial savings, while others are interested in enrolling in a green energy plan.

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