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Energy bills for the average household, subscribed to a dual-fuel standard variable tariff, are currently £2,074, following the latest price cap that was implemented on July 1, 2024.

The Energy Price Cap (EPC), a figure that is reviewed on a quarterly basis, is determined and established by Ofgem.


Switch Squid

We want to make sure you always get the right energy, and never spend more than you have to. Whether you’re switching providers or comparing for the first time, we’ll give you all the information you need to choose the right deal at the right price. Plus, we’re free to use and completely independent.

Why opt for Switch Squid?
How Does It Work?
So, what's next?
Why opt for Switch Squid?
How Does It Work?
So, what's next?

The promise to our customers

Managing your home energy bills is no easy task, especially with UK energy firms continuing to raise prices regularly. Furthermore, government legislation and Ofgem inquiries can be perplexing, particularly to those unfamiliar with the industry. Everyone, on the other hand, needs energy and should be entitled to the best costs; unfortunately, this does not happen

Why Should You Change Energy Providers?

The fact that most UK households have not changed energy providing perplexes us here at Switch Squid. I do not know if you have realized this already, but if your domestic gas or electricity contract is due for renewal, you (or us, as the case may be) are responsible for negotiating a favorable rate or switching suppliers. If this doesn’t happen, they’ll roll your offer over to their usual rate, which will almost always be much higher than what you are required to pay. You’ll be locked in for a minimum of one year, and while we can still work out a more favorable deal or rate, it won’t be as affordable as it would have been if you act now. Why not compare household energy rates with us right now and let us help you find a better plan as soon as possible?

We not only provide you with the most all-inclusive home energy solutions, but we also shift you to the most cost-effective supplier at no cost. We also have a wealth of resources, such as the ever-growing energy news center and our energy guides hub, which is jam-packed with informative articles that will assist you in making an informed decision about your energy requirements.

What is the process of operation?

At Switch Squid, how do we compare energy prices?

We’ve developed excellent relationships with the UK’s energy suppliers in recent years. This enables us to locate the ideal energy rates for you. In the end, this allows us to compare your present gas and electric consumption with every single supplier available, ranging from the Big Six to smaller, specialty energy businesses. This implies that not only are we completely unbiased, but we can also firmly state that we can find unbeatable energy quotes. You can remain calm and relaxed knowing that we will transfer you to your new household energy provider safely and securely. We use EVSSL internet security, which is industry standard, to ensure that your data is completely secure. Simply click the padlock in the top right corner of the transfer pages to learn more, or search for EVSSL online.

How Do We Compare Energy Prices at Love Energy Savings?

Over the years, we have built up incredible relationship with the UK’s energy suppliers. This allows us to find the very best energy prices for you. Ultimately, this enables us to take your current gas and electric consumption and compare it with every single provider out there, from the Big Six all the way down to the more specialist energy companies. This means that not only are we 100% impartial, but we can confidently say that we can find energy quotes than can simply not be beaten.

When it comes to the time that we get you transferred to your new domestic energy supplier, you can rest assured that this is done in a safe and secure fashion. We have industry standard EVSSL internet security and employ this to ensure that your transfer is 100% safe. You can find out more about this by simply clicking the padlock at the top right of the transfer pages or searching online for EVSSL.

What happens next?

Once the transfer process has been completed and confirmed, the next steps are very straightforward:

  • We will send you an email detailing the energy transfer you have arranged
  • We will let your old supplier know what is happening, which will speed the process up significantly
  • Your new energy supplier will then be informed that you will be using them for your domestic energy supply, they will then send you a welcome pack. This will usually be with you in 2 days but can sometimes take a few weeks
  • Just prior to the transfer, you will need to provide meter readings for each of the fuels you are switching. This means that your usage can be monitored effectively, from the start of the new energy contract
  • That’s it! You can then get on with the more important things in life, knowing you are on the cheapest energy deal for you and your family. We will even get in touch upon renewal, to check if there are any other better deals out there.

Why Switch My Domestic Energy?

What many energy customers in the UK fail to realise, is the amount of freedom they have when it comes to their suppliers. Now that you are free to choose gas and electricity suppliers, why not take advantage and ensure you are on the right tariff for your household? The Love Energy Savings comparison engine allows you to compare gas and electric in order to make serious savings, you can then spend this money on your kids, car, home or even just yourself! Government and Ofgem legislature means that home energy comparison has never been easier and there is no better place to get yourself sorted than right here at Love Energy Savings. If you’re sick of throwing your hard earned money away, just fill in our no-nonsense form and then you can sit back and relax.

What Information Do I Need for Energy Comparison?

The nature of our service is based on an ethos of speed and transparency. We can get your energy quote in matter of minutes and don’t ask you for reams of personal information. Just give us your postcode, the name of your current energy supplier, roughly what you are spending and we will do the rest for you completely free of charge. No gimmicks and no annoying phone calls and jargon-filled emails. Just quick and efficient energy quotes from the UK’s most trusted energy comparison site.

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