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Service Fees & Charges - How We Get Paid Business Energy

All the business energy suppliers on our panel compensate Switch Squid Business Energy Savings in a straightforward fashion for referring our clients to their gas and/or electricity and related services.

Our commission is disbursed directly by the supplier; as the customer, you will never be required to make a direct payment to us.

Our service, which includes procuring competitive tariffs, price comparison, sales support, switch management, processing, customer service, and account management, is compensated for by the commission we receive.

The commission generated by Switch Squid Business Energy Savings serves to offset the expenses associated with delivering these services, thereby ensuring favorable customer experiences and maintaining our market position to sustain competitive offers for clients' enterprises.

By consenting to use our service, you are agreeing for Switch Squid Business Energy Savings to receive commission from suppliers for this service as follows.

  • A minor increase in the unit cost of energy consumption (i.e., a portion of the cost of the energy contract you enter into with your preferred supplier) accounts for the commission.
  • This increase is determined by the energy savings of the Switch Squid business. Although contractual variations are possible, our commission is typically less than 1 pence of the unit rate or a few percent of the total cost of the energy contract.
  • Our commissions are projected amounts due to the fact that they are calculated on anticipated future utilization. For instance, suppose we negotiate a unit rate of 30 pence per kilowatt hour (KwH) of electricity with a supplier. We then implement an increase of 0.5 pence per KwH, resulting in a presented and contracted price of 30.5 pence per KwH. Our commission is thus computed by multiplying our uplift by your total energy consumption (in KwH) throughout the duration of the contract. It is approximately 2.5% of the total retail price in this instance.
  • Since the payment terms and duration for which the commission is disbursed differ among suppliers, these commissions are susceptible to modifications by suppliers at any time.

Certain suppliers who are responsible for installing new meters may opt to instead remit a fixed commission per contract.

To ascertain the compensation that is anticipated from your contract, kindly contact [email protected] via email.

Certain suppliers may provide us with discretionary marketing and volume-based payments in exchange for growth during a specified period; nevertheless, these payments have no bearing on the integrity of the comparison service we offer.

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