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Energy is important for the proper operation of any business. Despite this, many businesses are stuck on high-cost energy plans that don’t meet their demands.
The good news is that comparing business energy rates and finding a better deal can be done quickly and easily online or over the phone.
Switch Squid has formed solid relationships with reputable business energy providers, allowing you to take advantage of top-notch energy deals right away.
We’ve helped several clients save money on their business energy costs since 2007, by assisting them in switching to more cost-effective gas and electricity rates. It’s one of the reasons we’ve risen as a top-tier energy comparison services provider for businesses in the UK.
Whether you manage a small to medium-sized firm, a major multinational organization, or a start-up, you can start saving money on your business energy bills immediately by switching to a better deal with Switch Squid.
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  • A typical client saves more than £1,067 on average
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As of April 2021, 358,105 consumers had switched, saving £100 million. Switch Squid has saved clients an average of £1,067 each switch since its debut. This information was gathered on July 1, 2021.
Annually, the average electricity bill for an SME is £2,400. (With a consumption below 50,000kWh).
Switching your business energy provider is so much easier now!
  • Get instant quotations: Simply input your postcode and energy usage patterns to get a customized comparison of the best gas and electricity deals available in your area.
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  • Fully managed accounts – You’ll be assigned a personal Account Manager who will manage your account during the entire process; from switch to renewal.
  • We are big on savings. With Switch Squid, you can enjoy huge savings on your business and never spend too much again!
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Why your firm should change its energy provider

If you haven’t moved from one business energy supplier to another in recent years, or if you have never changed at all, you’ve probably been ‘rolled over’ to a more expensive charge. This will most likely result in you overpaying for your company’s energy.

Switch Squid can help you locate the best energy tariffs for your business by comparing business energy prices. We use our experience and technology to assist you in swiftly and easily switching to the best business energy rates.

Don’t think that switching providers will bring you a better bargain! Over 55% of Switch Squid clients keep their current supplier while still saving money.
How to go from a more expensive company energy plan to a cost-effective one
Most business owners believe they do not have time to change energy providers, which is understandable. Since we know we how hectic their schedules are, Switch Squid has made comparing business energy quotes as easy and quick as possible.
When you decide to do business with us, you will save time by not having to go from supplier to supplier asking for energy estimates to obtain the best rates. You can find top energy deals on the market right away by giving us some information about your business.
Before you begin comparing business energy prices, figure out when your current contract is set to end. This will inform you when your 6-month renewal period begins. When your current energy contract or bill is up for renewal, it should be explicitly stated.
Our 3-step process will guide you in determining a good rate if you’re set to change business energy.
Step 01
Complete our simple comparison engine
Fill out our simple comparison tool. By simply entering your postcode, selecting the fuel you’d like to compare, and completing a few contact details, you can now compare the newest business energy tariffs with Switch Squid.
Step 02
Choose the deal that’s right for you
Select the best deal for you. We’ll present you with the most competitive energy tariffs on the market, allowing you to select the best option for your company. You can purchase online or speak with one of our knowledgeable advisors over the phone.
Step 03
Relax and save!
Once you’ve found a terrific deal for your company, we’ll handle all of the talks with your new and old suppliers to make the transition as seamless as possible.
Suppliers for business energy
In the UK, there are presently over 50 business energy suppliers offering a variety of benefits and services to consumers.
While getting a good bargain is crucial, it shouldn’t be your sole concern when switching energy providers. You’ll need to find a service provider who can meet your company’s specific requirements.
Many companies stick with their original supplier or one they switched to several years ago. Unfortunately, loyalty is rarely rewarded in the energy market. In most circumstances, new consumers will have access to the best prices offered by an energy provider.
You can get the best offers from our recommended providers when you compare business energy suppliers with Switch Squid.
Selecting an energy provider for your business
Switch Squid has enabled companies of different sizes to select the leading business energy provider for their needs.
With our diverse selection of suppliers and tariffs, you can rest assured that you will obtain the best business energy price without having to waste time looking around.
The six major energy providers for businesses
The main six energy suppliers are well-known to most people. Despite rising competition, the big six continue to dominate the domestic and non-domestic properties.
The major six energy suppliers are frequently viewed as the best options when it comes to switching suppliers for business energy because they are organized and notable firms.
Independent business energy providers
Independent suppliers play a significant part in the business energy sector, which has a diverse pool of suppliers.
Because the market caters to a wide range of business sizes and types, many independent suppliers are focusing on particular needs. Examples include gas-only providers, large-business suppliers, and renewable energy providers.
Green business energy providers
Green business energy suppliers provide renewable energy rates. In recent years, the number of energy companies offering green energy solutions to businesses has significantly increased.
Wind, solar, and water are the major sources of renewable energy sources used to generate electricity. Any non-renewable energy consumed is neutralized by investing in environmental projects.
Best rated business energy providers
When it comes to identifying suppliers for your entity’s energy, it’s important to examine more than just the price. Your new supplier must provide great customer service.
Switch Squid provides information about all its suppliers, as well as supplier ratings based on accumulated reviews from Google-approved review partners.
What is the average cost of energy for a business?
Switch Squid leverages its industry expertise and long-standing partnerships with energy suppliers to provide you with the best offers on the market, hence minimizing your company’s energy costs.
Nevertheless, several firms are unaware of how much they should be spending on gas and electricity. This can result in entities spending substantially more on energy than they need to, leading to an increase in unnecessary costs.
Calculating business energy plans
When you ask for business energy offers, all these criteria will be taken into account. You will be presented with several energy comparisons based on this information, which will provide you with details on:
Saving money on your business’s energy bills can be as simple as following these guidelines.
What are the different tariff types in the energy industry?
Business energy rates explained
The rates of your business energy will comprise of two major charges: Price per kilowatt hour (kWh) and standing charges.
Kilowatt-hour (kWh)
Energy companies use the kilowatt-hour (kWh) as a unit of measurement to determine how much energy they use per hour. Therefore, if you aim at getting the best offer when comparing energy rates, knowing how much you’re paying for energy per hour is a good place to start.
The amount of energy you use will be determined by the size of your company and the nature of your work.
For instance, a small business (one with 1 to 9 employees) consumes between 5,000 and 15,000 kWh per year, which is not much more than the average UK household. This equates to approximately 25 kWh every day.
The level of consumption differs for every type of industry. Whereas small and medium-sized firms can consume up to 65,000 kWh per year, large businesses, such as factories, can use up to 20 million kWh per year! That’s why it’s necessary to evaluate all your options and ensure you’re receiving the best value possible.
Plusnet Mastercard or prepaid debit card
A standing charge is a daily rate charged by an energy company for the cost of maintaining your property on the energy network.
Regardless of how much energy you consume on any given day, you will be charged a standing fee.
Businesses that operate seasonally or only consume energy a few days a week are offered a no-standing-charge tariff, which can reduce their standing charge to zero in exchange for a somewhat higher price per kWh.
Energy tariff for your business
When comparing corporate energy, it’s necessary to understand which tariff type would best meet your company’s demands.
The best tariff for you will be determined by the nature of your business operations, means of payment for your energy, and the type of energy you want to consume.
Some of the most popular tariff types are listed below:
This type of business energy tariff implies that you’ll pay a fixed amount of money regardless of how much energy you consume (per kWh unit).
Businesses usually opt for this type of tariff because it ensures consistent monthly invoicing and protects against energy price hikes if the market conditions change.
When comparing energy prices for businesses, please find out how long prices are fixed before changing to another supplier. Business energy suppliers can decide to fix their energy contracts for up to five years in certain situations.
Variable-rate tariff
A variable-rate business energy tariff is one where the price you pay per unit of energy consumed can change during the contract period.
Even though you will miss out on the convenience of constant billing provided by a fixed price tariff, you will benefit if your energy prices are reduced.
If businesses are willing to accept the possibility of unit rate rises, then variable rate tariffs will work well for them.
No standing charge tariff
The major advantage of a no-standing-charge tariff is that you will only be charged for the energy you consume. However, it comes at a higher unit price per kWh.
The no-standing charge tariff is ideal for seasonal firms or businesses that are only open for one or two days a week.
If your company is open all year and uses a lot of energy, a no-standing charge rate may not be the best option for you.
Multi-rate tariff
A multi-rate business tariff allows a company to pay a cheaper unit rate during non-peak hours. These include Economy 7 and Economy 10 tariffs.
These tariffs are most appropriate for firms that are mostly open and utilize energy in the evenings or on weekends.
Since your unit rate is likely to be higher during peak hours than on other tariffs, it’s best to only convert to a multi-rate tariff if you will use the majority of your energy during off-peak hours.
Green energy tariff
Any energy obtained from renewable sources that do not use up the Earth’s resources is referred to as green energy. This can be accomplished by the use of renewable electricity, renewable gas, or neutralization of carbon.
Green energy tariffs are now available from a growing number of suppliers, giving businesses more options than ever before.
Even though green energy tariffs were always thought to be more expensive than other tariffs, lately, there are various green energy tariffs for businesses that are way cheaper.
When you choose to compare business energy with Switch Squid, you can select from a wide pool of green energy suppliers to ensure that you’re getting the best offer for your entity.
Reliable business energy offers
Switch Squid allows you to get customized business energy quotes from a variety of reputable energy providers. We do the legwork for you when it comes to finding the best energy offers. There’s no need to waste time going from company to company to compare quotations when you can just fill out our short online form.
You should do the following before comparing business energy quotes:
  • Get to know the expiry date of your business energy contract
  • Obtain a copy of your MPAN and MPRN numbers
  • Consider the tariff type you’d like to change to
  • Consider your preferred contract period
What are the benefits of working with a business energy broker?
Understandably, dealing with energy contracts isn’t a top concern for most business owners.
You may gain from experienced industry knowledge and access to the best offers on the market by partnering with a commercial energy broker. Because brokers have a close relationship with energy providers, they canto negotiate lower commercial energy rates than regular clients.
A business energy broker can then offer pieces of advice and respond to any questions you may have about the tariffs that are available to you.
Using Switch Squid to compare business energy
Once you’ve selected a tariff, a corporate energy broker like Switch Squid will manage the rest of the procedure for you.
Switch Squid will assign a dedicated account manager to you who will keep you informed about the status of your movement and respond to any queries you might have. You can also get updates online using our Track My Switch service at any time.
Our energy experts will also notify you when your business energy contract is about to expire so that you can avoid costly rollover contracts.
Energy for large businesses
Large-scale energy efficiency solutions
When it comes to gas and electricity, large corporations in most cases have unique demands. Businesses may use Switch Squid’s corporate energy solutions to get the best rates for gas and electricity.
You will be obliged to install a half-hourly meter if your firm has a maximum demand of 100kW or more in any half-hour period. Businesses with a peak demand of 70kW and above will also be able to switch to half-hourly meters if they want to.
A half-hourly meter provides reliable invoicing services by directly sending meter readings to your supplier every half hour.
Switch Squid’s corporate energy professionals can assist you with everything from installing a new half-hourly meter to switching your current tariff.
Several customers have switched to cheaper tariffs as a result of our assistance, saving millions of dollars. Our commitment to saving money for our customers doesn’t end there. When you switch to Switch Squid today, you can take advantage of our great water and telecoms discounts.
FAQs about Business Energy
What information should I have in order to switch business energy?
When switching your business’s energy supplier, you’ll want to be sure you’re getting the best offer possible. To compare quotes accurately, you’ll have to access the energy bill and get the following information:
  • Supplier name
  • Monthly payment amount
  • Current energy usage and unit rate (kWh)
  • MPAN number, also known as supplier number
You’ll be able to compare new bids to your existing rate using this information. You can swap your business energy once you’ve found the appropriate price for you.
What should I do if I'm relocating my business?
If you’re relocating your business, there are a few things that you have to do:
  • Get in touch with your energy provider and let them know when you’ll be vacating the premises
  • Submit a final meter reading and reserve a copy for your records
  • Keep your direct debits until your contract is properly canceled.
You must set up a new energy contract as soon as you arrive at your new business location to avoid being overcharged for your business energy:
  • Take note of the meter reading as soon as you move in
  • Compare energy rates sooner than later
  • Select a new supplier, provide them with your meter readings and validate the date you moved in
How do I change my company's utilities?
It’s simple to switch commercial utilities. Simply begin by researching utility prices, then click “switch now” to finalize your transfer online once you’ve discovered the best offer for your company.
Switch Squid also handles supplier negotiations, making the entire procedure as simple as possible for the customer.
How long is the switching process?
It takes between 4 and 6 weeks to transfer from one supplier to another once you’ve found a new, cheaper rate. Allow us to take care of everything so that you can make better use of your time.
Your electricity will not be cut off as a result of the move because it is a seamless transfer. If there are any transfer complications, we’ll keep you informed. Please contact your particular Account Manager if you have any questions before or after the transfer.
Will switching create any problems for my business?
Your supply will not be disrupted, so everything will continue as usual! We’ll communicate with your current supplier and handle all of the details. When the changeover is complete, we’ll also notify you.
How much money do I save if I switch my energy supplier?
The amount of money you can save is determined by how much energy you use. However, businesses with an average annual power cost of £2,400 (usage less than 50,000kWh) can save up to £943 by switching.
How would you define a deemed contract?
When you move into new premises, a deemed contract for both gas and electricity is already established.
If your current contract expires but you continue to use energy, you may also be put to a deemed contract.
A deemed contract usually costs 80% more than a negotiated contract. If you’re on a fixed contract, comparing business energy tariffs could save you a lot of money.
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