Why should you purchase TalkTalk broadband?
  • Never let an opportunity pass you by. Live TV can be paused. You can also rewind it. There’s a 7-day catch-up option.
  • Keep an eye on the things you desire. With a NOW TV pass, you can watch the newest TV shows, movies, and sports.
  • Extra assistance is available. With the online service center, you can get the most out of your connection.
TalkTalk's Background
TalkTalk is one of the UK’s largest and most well-known broadband providers, with a focus on value for money and a variety of competitively priced plans.
The company also provides home phone and premium TV services, allowing you to have all of your home connectivity and entertainment needs in one package.
The following are some of the key features of TalkTalk’s broadband and TV packages:
  • There will be no price increases in the middle of the contract.
  • Guaranteed Great Connection for 30 days
  • Live TV can be paused and rewinded, and catch-up services are available for seven days.
  • Add and delete channels whenever you wish with 30-day TV boosts.
  • 18-month contracts
  • Includes a free Wi-Fi Hub router.
How excellent is TalkTalk's internet service?
TalkTalk is known for its value offerings and is one of the UK’s most popular providers.
How excellent is TalkTalk's internet service?
The supplier generally gets positive feedback, but you can always look at Ofcom’s complaints data to get a better picture of its customer service levels and the most recent feedback on its service.
Broadband packages from TalkTalk
TalkTalk provides a variety of broadband bundles, including both regular and fiber connections, as well as a variety of add-ons such as home phone and television services.
It’s regarded as a good value for money broadband provider, with various low-cost broadband plans that provide ultrafast fiber speeds.
Broadband and phone service from TalkTalk
TalkTalk’s standard and fibre plans both require a landline phone. They come in two flavors: broadband-only or broadband and home phone with free nighttime and weekend calls. For a nominal monthly price, you can add Boosts to this to cover anytime or international calls.
Broadband and TalkTalk TV
Any broadband and home phone package can be upgraded to include TalkTalk TV. With over 80 live channels to pick from, including entertainment and sports packages, there are plenty of options. You may add or delete channels like Sky Sports from your bundle every month, so you don’t have to commit to extended subscriptions for programs you won’t watch.
You can pause, rewind, and record live TV with the company’s set-top box, and you can also use it to access Netflix and rent the latest movies on demand.
TalkTalk offers phone, broadband, and television services.
You may mix and match TalkTalk’s broadband, home phone, and TV packages to create a bundle that’s tailored to your specific needs.
Broadband-only with TalkTalk
If you only need broadband and no other services, TalkTalk offers both regular and fiber connections. To get started, all you need is a landline phone at home.
Broadband speeds from TalkTalk
Standard internet, superfast fibre, and even enhanced high-speed connections are available from TalkTalk in some areas.
Ofcom’s voluntary broadband speed Code of Practice has been signed by the broadband provider. This means you’ll get a personalized estimate of the precise speed your home should be able to receive before you sign up for a service. You will be able to cancel your contract without penalty if your performance does not meet these minimums and the firm cannot remedy it within 30 days.
Are you unsure of your current broadband speed? Use Switch Squid’s internet speed test to find out.
TalkTalk High-Speed Internet
Fast Broadband is the company’s entry-level service. This uses a regular copper ADSL connection and offers average speeds of 11Mbps, which is sufficient for daily surfing and occasional streaming.
TalkTalk Fibre Broadband
Faster Fibre, the company’s first fibre broadband service, offers average download rates of 38Mbps, which is more than three times faster than Fast Broadband and perfect for streaming, online gaming, and large file downloads.
Superfast Fibre by TalkTalk
TalkTalk’s Superfast Fibre provides average speeds of 67Mbps for busier households and those with a higher demand for downloaded and streamed content. This is ideal for families that want to utilize and share files and programs on the internet at the same time without experiencing any lag.
In my region, what is the TalkTalk Broadband speed?
Although TalkTalk’s network should provide fibre broadband to more than 95% of the UK, there may still be some not-spots here and there. Exact speeds will vary depending on a user’s location, with several factors influencing a home’s unique performance.
The simplest way to find out what TalkTalk broadband speed is available in your area is to use our Postcode Checker, which will show you the packages and speeds that are available in your area.
What constitutes a satisfactory broadband connection?
The activities you want to undertake online will determine what constitutes a suitable broadband speed for you. A normal connection should do for ordinary web browsing, but for high-definition streaming or gaming downloads, you’ll need something faster.
Streaming speed on a broadband connection
Netflix recommends a minimum download speed of 3Mbps for standard definition content and 5Mbps for high definition, and the BBC iPlayer has comparable requirements. However, if you want to broadcast in 4K ultra-high-definition smoothly, you’ll need at least 24Mbps.
This is true for a single person streaming a single piece of video; however, the more users trying to connect at the same time, the faster your connection will need to be.
Gaming requires high-speed Internet access.
The minimum speed required for gaming is rather modest – Xbox Live, for example, recommends 3Mbps for online gaming. However, this isn’t the entire tale.
If you want to download digital games to your PC or console — some of which may be over 100GB — you’ll need much quicker rates, so a fiber connection with at least 30Mbps should suffice. Faster, lower-latency connections further lessen the chance of lag interfering with your gaming.
Routers from TalkTalk
TalkTalk’s Wi-Fi Hub router is included with all fibre broadband plans. This is worth £120 and comes free with the Faster Fibre and Superfast Fibre bundles. It’s designed to offer the fastest, most reliable signal to every part of your home.
This router is straightforward to set up and has a stylish design to sit at the heart of your home – no more huge box full of blinking lights, according to Expert Reviews and Trusted Reviews, who both gave the Hub four out of five stars.
Setup of the TalkTalk router
The TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub is simple to set up and should work right out of the box, without the need for an engineer’s assistance.
All you have to do now is use the provided cable to connect the router to your phone socket. If you have a single socket, you’ll need to use the provided microfilter, but if you have a dual-socket, you won’t need it. All you have to do in this situation is put the DSL cable into the socket and the other end into your router.
After that, all you have to do is connect the router to a power source and switch it on, and you’re ready to go.
Is it possible to acquire a free upgrade to a TalkTalk router?
You’ll get a free Wi-Fi Hub with your order if you’re upgrading from a normal broadband plan to a Faster Fibre plan and don’t have a fibre-compatible Super Router. When acquiring a broadband package, other users, both new and old, can upgrade to the Wi-Fi Hub for £30.
Is it feasible to connect to TalkTalk using your router?
Yes, you are free to use your router, however, you will need to manually set it up. The information you’ll need varies depending on whether you’re setting up a conventional or fiber connection, as well as whether or not you want to add TalkTalk TV, but all of the information you’ll need can be found on TalkTalk’s website.
Installing TalkTalk
If your home currently has a BT phone connection, you should be able to set up your broadband without the assistance of an engineer. If your residence does not have a working landline, a visit may be necessary.
Is there an installation charge for TalkTalk?
There is zero installation fee when signing up for TalkTalk broadband and home phone. A new or upgraded line, on the other hand, will set you back £60. Depending on the bundle you choose, you may also have to pay for your set-top box if you have TalkTalk TV.
How to get in touch with TalkTalk Broadband
You can also reach out via phone or live chat.
TalkTalk’s phone number
Call 0800 0497 864 between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. to chat with a TalkTalk customer service agent, while technical assistance is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you’re calling from a TalkTalk phone, this is free.
Live chat with TalkTalk
The company also offers an online live chat with an advisor, which is available from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day on its website.
TalkTalk Mobile.
Although TalkTalk no longer provides its mobile phone service, its broadband users can take advantage of special O2 offers on mobile phone packages, including SIM and device prices. To see what’s available right now, users must log in to their TalkTalk online account.
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