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Compare broadband deals in your area.

Which broadband providers offer the best value?

Every major internet provider in the United Kingdom offers reasonably priced broadband plans. This is usually for their basic ADSL broadband services, which start at £16.99 per month and give basic internet access.

Plusnet, Shell Energy Broadband, TalkTalk, POP Telecom, and Direct Save Telecom are known for offering some of the most affordable broadband plans on the market, as well as exceptional customer support.

However, if you need a faster connection, you may still acquire a comparable inexpensive broadband service with better speeds for not much more money.

Most providers start at roughly £20 per month for fiber broadband with superfast internet speeds. That’s only about £2 per month more than the lowest ADSL plans, which offer far slower broadband speeds than fiber.

It’s also worth noting that after your initial fixed-term contract expires, the price of cheap broadband services will increase. This implies that if you’re out of your fixed-term contract and still have an ADSL connection, you could be able to receive a better bargain on a new fiber internet plan.

We have the cheapest broadband prices on Switch Squid.
Deal Average Speed Contract Period
NOW Broadband: Fibre and Unlimited Calls 36Mb * 18 months
Onestream Jetstream Fibre No-limit Broadband 45Mb * 18 months
Virgin Media M350 Super-fast Fibre Phone and Broadband 362Mb * 18 months
Virgin Media M200 Super-fast Fibre Broadband (no phone line) 213Mb * 18 months
Plusnet No-limit Phone Line and Broadband 10Mb * 18 months
Plusnet No-limit Fibre Extra with Phone Line 66Mb * 18 months
BT Fibre 2 Broadband 67Mb * 18 months
Virgin Media M200 Super-fast Fibre Phone and Broadband 108Mb * 18 months
TalkTalk No-limit Fibre 65 with Phone Line 108Mb * 18 months
What is the most cost-effective broadband plan?

The best broadband deal will change week to week as providers update their current offers and provide various discounts and promotions throughout the year.

Aside from simply changing the monthly pricing, there are other ways for providers to reduce the cost of their broadband plans.

Bill credits and extras

It’s vital to look beyond monthly rates because many providers will often include extras like vouchers, gift cards, and bill credits that can help lower the entire cost.

For example, a low-cost internet plan might cost £20 per month for a 12-month contract, but if it also includes a £50 voucher or reward card to spend, the monthly cost drops to £15.83. That’s a significant saving.

Offers in a bundle

A cheap broadband plan could be a bundle that delivers a range of services for a single monthly price if you also pay separate bills for additional things like digital TV or a mobile phone contract.

If the total is less than the sum of your bills, it may be more cost-effective to consolidate them under one supplier.

Conditions of the contract

Keep in mind to evaluate contract lengths and whether the company guarantees no price increases within the required period.

In the long run, a low-cost broadband plan with a longer contract and a guarantee of no price increases will save you more money. A shorter contract may appear to be a better deal, but monthly pricing may be greater than you expect, and your bill may skyrocket once the contract expires.

This is why it’s important to compare low-cost internet plans to determine the overall cost, including setup fees and any additional discounts or special offers.

Deals on broadband for low-income people

If you get Universal Credit or another sort of government-funded financial assistance, you may be eligible for a far more affordable broadband plan.

Some carriers offer low-cost internet plans starting at £5 per month, allowing you to get adequate broadband speeds for a considerably lower cost.

To determine if you qualify for a broadband deal for low-income families, check out our instructions.

Is it possible to get a better broadband deal if I buy a bundle?

A cheap broadband-only plan is likely to be less expensive than a bundle deal if you only need an internet connection.

However, if you use landline, pay-TV, or mobile phone network services frequently, it’s usually a good idea to compare broadband bundle plans from a single provider to see if it’s cheaper.

For example, if you choose a low-cost broadband-only plan with pay-as-you-go phone calls, you’ll need to consider how often you use the phone.

However, if you talk to your friends and family regularly, a package service that provides you unlimited calls for a set price may save you money in the long run, even if the monthly cost is higher.

Is it possible to find low-cost fiber broadband?

Finding low-cost fiber broadband is easier than you might expect.

Switch Squid offers comparison tables that frequently have fibre broadband rates for £25 or less per month, with coupons or cashback benefits available for new subscribers. However, with so many bargains and discounts available, it’s a good idea to check what’s on offer right now.

Many providers provide limited-time discounts, so shopping around for cheap broadband is essential.

How to Compare Low-Cost Broadband Offers

Here are some pointers on how to locate the best inexpensive broadband deal for you.

Choose the appropriate broadband speed.

Cheap broadband plans are great for individuals on a tight budget or who live in a small family. These folks could be students, people who don’t use the internet frequently, or people who live in 1-2 person apartments. This is why it’s crucial to think about how you’ll utilize your broadband.

The cheapest internet plans will have poor speeds, ranging from 10 to 11 Mbps depending on your area. If you merely want to use your internet for browsing the web, reading emails and social media, or doing some online shopping, you should seek packages that provide these average speeds.

If you’ll be downloading large files, streaming a lot of media, or playing internet-hungry online games — or if you live in a home with more than two people — a faster connection may be required.

They’re normally a little more expensive, but the increased speed is often well worth the investment.

Keep an eye out for download limits.

It’s also a good idea to be aware of any download restrictions. Almost every package now includes unlimited usage, however, some providers may have traffic control measures, such as a Fair Usage Policy, that limit the speeds you can access at particular times.

These shouldn’t be a problem for most casual users, but if you plan on downloading huge files or TV episodes during peak hours (typically between 8 and 10 p.m.), or if you utilize services like peer-to-peer file sharing, it’s worth investigating.

Keep in mind the additional expenses.

Finally, check to see if there are any hidden costs, such as setup fees, line installation, delivery fees, or the requirement to purchase a router, that will increase the service’s initial cost.

A particular deal could be a little more expensive per month than you intended, but it could end up being less expensive if it includes free setup and no other fees.

With our dedicated guide, you can learn more about how to switch your broadband.

Cheap broadband in my neighborhood.

The Openreach network, which serves the great majority of UK homes, hosts the bulk of low-cost broadband providers and bundles. As a result, you should have no trouble selecting a low-cost broadband plan in your neighborhood.

The copper phone line network of Openreach offers ADSL broadband to 99 percent of UK homes, while its superfast fibre connections cover more than 95 percent of the country. The best thing to do is search your postcode on our Broadband Postcode Checker and then sort the results by ‘Cost (low to high)’ to see what options you have.

What is the cheapest broadband in the United Kingdom?

An ADSL basic broadband plan will be the cheapest broadband in the UK. Our cheapest broadband offer is usually approximately £18-£19 per month from low-cost providers like Plusnet.

What is the cost of the internet in the United Kingdom every month?

In the UK, internet packages typically start at roughly £18 per month for a basic 10Mbps subscription and around £22 per month for a fiber internet package.

What is the cheapest broadband option?

The cheapest type of broadband in the UK is ADSL broadband, commonly known as basic broadband. This provides average speeds of roughly 11Mbps, which is sufficient for basic web browsing and occasional streaming, though this varies significantly depending on factors like your location.

Is it possible to get affordable fibre broadband?

Yes, there are numerous low-cost fiber broadband options available in the United Kingdom. Monthly pricing is normally slightly higher than standard ADSL broadband, but comparing deals and considering features like free setup and cashback that can reduce the entire cost can help you locate a cheaper choice.

Is it cheaper to get a broadband package?

A bundled agreement will normally work out cheaper than paying for each item separately if you wish to add home phone services, pay-TV channels, or even mobile phone contracts to your internet contract. It pays to search around and compare inexpensive broadband deals from a variety of providers to find which ones are the most affordable.

Is it possible to receive broadband without a phone at a lower cost?

No, in the vast majority of cases. Faster connections that use alternative cables do not require copper phone lines to work, and almost all of the cheapest internet services require a landline to connect to your home.

Is it possible for me to get by with a basic, low-cost broadband service?

It is dependent on the amount of broadband demand in your household. You could get away with ordinary, affordable broadband speeds of roughly 10-11Mbps if you merely use the internet to check social media, shop online, and view the occasional YouTube video. A fibre connection is recommended if you routinely stream TV, play high-quality online games, download huge files, or reside in a home with more than two people.

The good news is that the lowest fiber deals are frequently comparable to conventional broadband, so you won’t be paying much extra for a speedier connection.

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