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Compare gas has access to exclusive prices from a large panel of suppliers. Compare energy suppliers now to see the latest deals.

Wait! Read this before requesting quotations...
Energy costs are spiralling out of control, forcing several suppliers to eliminate their tariffs.
this means for you is as follows:
  • We are unlikely to be able to save you money at the moment due to a lack of tariffs to compare.
  • We want to assist you in the future - but we have no idea when that will be.
We believe in doing the right thing for our clients at all times - which is why we'd rather inform you now. Consequently you don't waste time quoting if we're unlikely to be able to assist you.

Do you want to find out how much you would save with a different gas supplier?

We give you access to a large community of gas suppliers so that you can compare them to get the best tariffs at cheaper prices.

Your only role is to compare the suppliers and find the one who will suit your financial budget and needs. The rest is for us to handle. We are in charge of all the communications with the suppliers so that you get your gas delivered to you effortlessly.

It is now easy to switch gas suppliers
Our team consists of experts who will take care of the switching
Great home gas deals
You can get affordable gas deals on the market
Switch your gas digitally
All you have to do is compare the gas suppliers online and switch.

How to compare energy suppliers on Switch Squid

First and foremost, you have to provide us with your postcode and some information about your existing gas plan.

Switch Squid will then provide you with several options of suppliers to choose from your best deal.

Homes that have never switched or taken long have greater saving deals. This is because high chances are that they are on standard variable tariffs.

A comparison of gas prices with Switch Squid will show you how much you can save off several other deals when you decide to switch.

Compare gas suppliers with Switch Squid and receive a quote right away
Our goal is to provide you with the best home and business gas deals and make the whole switching process as simple as possible.
Enter your postcode into our energy comparison calculator and get yourself the best gas quotes.
How do I switch my gas supplier?
After choosing the best gas tariff for your home, we inform both the existing and future gas suppliers about your decision to switch gas. They are then required to choose a day for the transfer to be done.
When this has been done, your new supplier will then send you a welcome pack with the information about the tariff you have chosen. Expect to receive this within two days though it could take weeks to arrive.
You are given a cooling-off period of 14 days in which you can switch to another energy supplier without being charged.
Then, you are supposed to offer a meter reading in case you are content with your tariff on the changeover day. This way, your previous energy supplier gets to give you your final bill to close their service with you.
What is required of me to compare gas prices?
If you want to get suitable energy quotes for your home gas use, you may need the following requirements :
  • Energy supplier’s name
  • Your method of payment either direct debit or billing
  • Your existing energy tariff
  • The average amount of gas you use
If you don’t know all the details, check your previous gas bill or you can log online and find them on your account.
You may not know the average amount of gas you use, you will have to answer a few questions from our energy comparison engine for estimations.
Freequently Asked Questions
After how long will I get my gas supplier switched?
If you signed up for the Energy Switch Guarantee, then it will take less than 21 days for your gas supplier to be switched.
As part of the 21 days, remove the 14 days for cooling-off in which you can end the contract you already have with your new supplier and sign another one without being charged any fees.
Do I get to have no gas during switching?
Under the Energy Switch Guarantee, you can continue using your existing energy supplier right up until the moment you switch, so your supply won’t be interrupted.
Is it possible to switch suppliers while on a fixed rate tariff?
You can switch gas provider if you’re on a fixed rate tariff, but we would recommend that you check whether there is an exit fee for leaving your contract early.
Exit fees can eat into any potential savings you would have made by switching so this should be considered. You can find out if your energy deal has an exit fee by checking your bill or calling your supplier.
Anyone can switch supplier with no exit fee payable 49 days before the end of their contract.
What if I’m renting, can I also change my gas supplier?
Tenants are entitled to switch gas suppliers if they pay the energy bills and are named on the account.
If you have all-inclusive bills or your landlord re-bills you for energy use, you will have to ask your landlord to change supplier. However, under these circumstances, they are under no obligation to do so.
Is it possible to compare business gas as well?
You can compare energy prices and switch your business gas with Love Energy Savings.
We work with a huge range of business energy suppliers to provide you with the best possible choice. When you switch business gas with Love Energy Savings, you’ll have a dedicated account manager to look after your account to make sure you’re always on the right deal for your business.
Are there green gas suppliers on Switch Squid?
You can find energy suppliers who offer green gas tariffs. This is usually provided through a mixture of renewable gas and carbon offsetting.
Renewable gas is provided through a method called anaerobic digestion, involving breaking down planet matter or animal waste.
Carbon offsetting involves your supplier investing in environmental projects to balance out any negative impact of your gas use.
Is it possible to switch to a dual fuel tariff?
Domestic customers may be able to reduce their energy bills by switching to a dual fuel tariff. Your energy supplier will often offer discounts if you combine your gas and electricity tariffs with them.
At Love Energy Savings, you can compare the latest dual fuel tariffs to find out how much you could save.
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