Why buy EE broadband?
  • Spend less on packages. For the next 18 months, get savings on a variety of programs.
  • Anywhere you go, you will enjoy high speeds. With a 4G gadget, you can get high speeds no matter where you are.
  • Stay safe for no cost. With certain promotions, you may get a year of Norton Security for free (worth £59.99).
EE's home broadband packages
EE is one of the largest communications providers in the United Kingdom, offering home internet and mobile plans as well as TV bundles. It’s one of the “big four” mobile network carriers, utilizing its parent company’s superfast home internet network. It was formed in 2010 by the merging of Orange and T-Mobile and is now controlled by BT.
As a result, it can provide a wide choice of home broadband, Wi-Fi, and mobile broadband solutions, all of which are backed by its own 4G mobile network and the UK’s largest superfast internet network. It provides fibre broadband at speeds of up to 67Mbps in some areas, and up to 300Mbps in others.
With EE’s Apple TV plans, you can also get home phone deals and access to some of the best TV and sports channels. You can watch beautiful 4K videos on compatible devices, including the best sports action with BT Sport. It’s worth mentioning that you’ll need to be signed up for a pay monthly EE mobile deal to take advantage of these offers.
The following are some of the advantages of signing up for an EE deal:
  • EE’s 4G network, which covers 70% of the UK, offers mobile options.
  • Customers that use broadband and mobile get special benefits.
  • Apple TV delivers 4K TV as well as BT Sport
  • Customer assistance from the United Kingdom.
  • Smart Hub by EE
What EE Wi-Fi offers are available?
Of course, EE is best known as a nationwide mobile network, but it also provides fixed-line residential broadband. Its mobile broadband plans are ideal if you can’t acquire a stable fixed broadband connection at home or simply want a backup plan. Plus, owing to EE’s extensive 4G network, you can carry your connection with you wherever you go with a dongle.
There are numerous wireless broadband solutions available. To begin, you can purchase a 4GEE Home router, which connects to EE’s 4G mobile network and provides average Wi-Fi speeds of 31Mbps across your home. It’s simple to set up, and there’s no need for an engineer to come to your house – simply plug it in and go.
Alternatively, the 4G Wi-Fi Mini dongle, which weighs less than 100g and is ideal for setting up a Wi-Fi hotspot to which you can connect your devices wherever you are, is a good option. This gadget has a variety of data plans ranging from 2GB to 20GB per month and can connect up to 20 devices at once.
In limited places, the company also offers 5G mobile broadband services via an HTC 5G Hub, though you need to verify with a coverage checker to see whether this is available in your area.
How to get in touch with EE for broadband help
EE provides a variety of customer service alternatives, including phone support from the United Kingdom, online help, and live chat. The company employs 11,000 customer support and retail professionals across the United Kingdom and says that its service center staff have over 86 million consumer interactions each year.
  • By phone: Customers with EE home broadband and TV may reach EE customer care at any time by dialing 0800 079 8586 from an EE landline or 150 from an EE mobile, which is free during normal business hours (8 am to 9 pm weekdays and 8 am to 8 pm on weekends). Those who do not have EE as their network provider should phone 0207 362 0200 and check their own provider’s prices. The number for other providers is 07953 966 250, although there may be additional charges.
  • Online: EE's website provides a thorough online help section that should be able to answer many common questions and difficulties, ranging from router setup to account management.
  • By live chatEE also offers live chat services, which can connect you with an expert for a variety of customer care and technical questions without the need to call.
  • In-person:There are over 550 EE locations throughout the UK where you can obtain excellent in-person guidance from the company’s team of experts.
What's included in EE's new customer internet deals?
For new clients, EE has a variety of offers. New customers get a variety of extra incentives in addition to discounted monthly rates for the first 18 months.
Is it true that EE routers come included with broadband packages?
A free router is included with all EE home broadband services. This will be an EE Bright Box router for conventional broadband subscribers, and an EE Smart Hub for fiber clients.
The EE Smart Hub is twice as powerful as the company’s previous router and can handle several devices at the same time. It’s plug-and-play, so no engineer is required (unless you need to establish a phone connection), and it even fits through your letterbox.
It comes with several administration tools to help you keep control of your home broadband. You can monitor who’s currently connected to the hub and how much bandwidth they’re consuming by logging into it on your laptop or mobile device. You can even turn off access to specific gadgets at specific times, which is useful if you need to keep the kids from being distracted before bedtime.
A router may be added when you sign up for a 4GEE mobile broadband package. For some fixed-term 18- or 24-month contracts, a 4GEE home router or 4GEE Wi-Fi Mini offer will include a free router, but if you choose a rolling one-month deal or certain data plans, you will have to pay for the router upfront.
EE broadband data increase is included as an extra.
It’s available on any EE pay monthly or 12-month SIM-only plan, and when you join up for EE internet or 4GEE home broadband, you’ll get a data boost. All you have to do is sign up with your EE mobile number, and the data boost will be applied to your account within 30 days.
As long as you’re an EE broadband or 4GEE Home Broadband user with an eligible EE mobile or SIM plan, you’ll keep the data boost.
To find if EE is the best bargain for your household, try our postcode checker.
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