Best Deals on Landlines and Home Phones 2024

Begin by comparing the many broadband options accessible to you.

*During peak hours, the “average” speed given in Mb represents the speed available to 50% of users with this product (between 8 pm and 10 pm). The exact speed you get is determined by your cabling, your location, the time of day, and how distant you are from the telephone exchange (for non-fibre optic goods). When you start your online sign-up, most providers will inform you of the likely speed you’ll get; this may differ from the average speed shown in our table.

The discounts available in your area are limited to what is available in your area. Your line’s availability will be confirmed by the provider.

We want to make broadband comparisons easier for you. It’s not only about the price when it comes to finding a good internet service; it’s also about what’s included in the package, the speeds available, and any other incentives provided by the provider. To balance all of these factors, we created a ranking methodology that considers bargains that are popular with our consumers, are competitive in the market and have a simple purchase process. You can sort deals by monthly cost, speed, or contract term if you wish. You can also select to view costs on a monthly or full-contract basis, which will show you the total spend during the contract duration, including any setup fees.

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Explained: Broadband and phone plans

You’ll have access to several useful calling features, such as a sales call blocker and free voicemail.

All of the information you’ll need to compare phone offers on our website, including our best phone line rental and home phone deals from all of the major carriers, is provided below.

Providers of landlines and home phones

BT was originally the UK’s lone home telephone operator, but several telecoms competitors, notably Virgin Media and TalkTalk, have joined BT in the landline provider industry.

Because of the increased rivalry for your company, the market is currently flooded with great bargains. We’ll look at what different providers have to offer to give you a better sense of what you can anticipate if you sign up for a home phone and landline as a separate service or as an add-on to your current services.

Home and landline service from BT

If you buy a BT landline for a year, you can choose between an unlimited weekend calling package and an unlimited anytime calling plan.

On weekends, you get unlimited calls to UK landlines as well as inclusive calls to 0845 and 0870 numbers with the unlimited weekend calling package. You may make unlimited calls to UK landlines, as well as 0870 and 0845 numbers, at any time of day with the unlimited anytime calling plan. In addition, you’ll be eligible for half-price calls to mobile phones.

Go to our BT page to see the entire choice of BT broadband, home phone, and standalone landline options.

Deals on Vonage home and landlines

Vonage isn’t your typical home phone service. Instead, it uses VoIP technology to allow you to make phone calls through your broadband connection, which can be far less expensive.

Vonage is also notable for its one-month contracts that need no commitment.

Combining a home phone and landline with high-speed internet

Purchasing various services from a single provider will result in significant monthly savings. Not only will you save money by bundling your broadband and home phone services, but you’ll also receive a single bill, making it easier to keep track of your expenses.

See our broadband bundles page for more bestseller broadband bundle packages to learn more about adding the home phone option to your broadband and digital TV bundle.

Do you want to learn more about the home phone and broadband options? Go to our best phone deals page for more information.

Is BT responsible for all landline services?

Although BT runs the majority of landline lines in the UK, you don’t have to obtain your home phone services from them because other providers will include them in their packages. Some service providers are now completely avoiding BT landlines in favor of VoIP technologies.

Which companies provide landline and residential phone services?

Almost all broadband providers also provide home phone services; in fact, the bulk of them will only give internet services if you have a BT landline. However, because this industry is so competitive, there are usually amazing prices to be had.

Is it possible to bundle my home phone and internet service?

Yes. The great majority of offers offer the option of bundling these services. Packaged broadband and home phone services are not only more convenient, but they can also save you money over individual contracts.

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