Why did you choose Sky?
  • Some of the greatest television deals in the United Kingdom. There are more channels and watching opportunities with us than with any other digital TV provider.
  • Simple ways to watch With any TV deal, you’ll get a free Sky Q box. Add all of your streaming accounts and view everything in one spot.
  • Viewing in the highest quality. On certain Sky TV deals, you can watch Ultra HD TV and movies.
  • Customize to meet your specific requirements. Combine as many digital services as you desire, including television, broadband, landlines, mobile phones, and streaming services.
  • New customer discounts are available. On certain internet deals, you can get a better rate on broadband.
Sky broadband offers on Switch Squid
Deal Average Speed Contract Period
Sky Television, Ultrafast Broadband with Netflix 59Mb 18 months
Sky Television, Ultrafast Broadband, and Sky Pay As You Talk 59Mb 18 months
Sky Ultrafast Broadband 59Mb 18 months
Sky Broadband Information
Sky is one of the most well-known telecommunications companies in the United Kingdom. Many UK homes utilize its broadband, landline, and mobile phone services, but with its vast premium service Sky Q, it is a clear market leader in pay-TV.
Sky has built a reputation for pioneering and high-quality television services since launching its initial satellite TV transmission in the 1980s.
In 1998, it was the first firm to offer interactive television; in 2006, it became the UK’s first high-definition television broadcaster; and in 2011, it launched the Sky Go mobile app, which allowed users to watch TV via the internet from anywhere.
In 2005, the firm entered the broadband sector, and it is now the UK’s second-largest broadband provider, trailing only BT.
Sky continues to be a terrific provider for entertainment fans who don’t want to miss out on the latest shows, movies, and entertainment since it continues to offer new, innovative services like its smart TV box Sky Q.
Sky Broadband Information
  • Premium supplementary services that you can add or remove on a flexible basis
  • TV included deals, broadband, phone, and mobile offers in one package
  • With its TV included deals, you may get cheaper access to the award-winning Sky Q set-top box.
  • Sky Atlantic Ultimate On Demand offers exclusive blockbuster material from the United States
  • Includes over 500 Sky box sets, as well as Netflix and Disney Plus, all for one low price.
  • With the Sky Go app, you can watch TV from anywhere.
  • 18-month contracts are available.
  • For more unbiased information, check our whole guide on how to switch broadband.
Deals on Sky Broadband
The bulk of Sky’s broadband packages utilize the Openreach superfast broadband network, which requires you to rent a phone line in addition to the broadband package.
Sky, on the other hand, recently announced an ultrafast full fibre bundle via Openreach’s full fibre network, which connects fiber-optic connections to your home. As a result, if you choose one of them, you may not need a phone line (subject to availability, of course).
It offers both broadband-only and broadband-plus-home-phone-and-TV packages. All plans include Sky Broadband Boost and Wi-Fi Guarantee, which will refund your money if you can’t access dependable Wi-Fi in all of your rooms.
In 2005, the firm entered the broadband sector, and it is now the UK’s second-largest broadband provider, trailing only BT.
Sky continues to be a terrific provider for entertainment fans who don’t want to miss out on the latest shows, movies, and entertainment since it continues to offer new, innovative services like its smart TV box Sky Q.
Broadband and Sky TV
Sky is well renowned for its award-winning digital television programming. When you add TV to your Sky Broadband subscription, you get access to a vast selection of channels. Over 300 channels are included in the regular Sky Signature bundle, including Sky One and Sky Atlantic, which broadcast some of the most popular TV shows.
You can choose between Sky Cinema, which has 11 dedicated channels and a new premiere every day, and Sky Sports, which allows you to pick and choose whatever sports channels you want to watch, or the entire 11-channel bundle.
All Sky TV packages include the Sky Q set-top box, which includes a variety of catch-up and on-demand services as well as the ability to record and save up to 500 hours of live television.
Broadband and phone service from Sky
Even without the addition of digital TV services, Sky Broadband is one of Switch Squidutilize’s most popular packages.
Sky Internet packages can be combined with a variety of phone plans; the regular broadband service offers unlimited calls to UK landlines and mobiles during the evenings and weekends, with per-minute rates for calls made outside of these hours.
For a nominal monthly cost, you can add unlimited anytime calls or foreign services to your bundle.
Sky TV, a phone line, and high-speed internet are all available.
Sky Talk now includes unlimited evening and weekend calls as part of any of its TV and broadband packages. Plus, for a nominal monthly price, you may add anytime and international services to the plan.
Broadband speeds from Sky
Sky does not provide an ADSL bundle with ordinary broadband speeds because it only offers fibre broadband. Sky Superfast Broadband, which utilizes the Openreach superfast fibre network and offers average speeds of 59Mbps, is the company’s most popular offer. That’s more than five times faster than using ADSL.
Sky Broadband’s Ultrafast and Ultrafast Plus subscriptions have just provided even faster speeds. These speeds, which average 145Mbps and 500Mbps, are suitable for high-usage homes with several devices. Sky Ultrafast is also available via Openreach’s expanding full fibre network.
Sky has agreed to abide by the voluntary Broadband Speed Code of Practice established by Ofcom. This means you’ll get a personalized estimate of the precise speed your home should be able to receive before you sign up for a service.
You can terminate your contract and transfer to a better provider without penalty if your performance doesn’t reach these minimums and the firm can’t solve it within 30 days.
Sky’s Broadband Boost option is available for an additional £5 per month. This includes daily line checks to identify any issues, flexible engineer visits, and Sky’s Wi-Fi Guarantee, which guarantees exceptional wireless connectivity in every part of your home or your money back.
Sky High-Speed Broadband
Sky’s Ultrafast Broadband connects fibre straight from the broadband exchange to your home, enabling you even faster and more reliable internet than superfast fibre, thanks to Openreach’s developing full fibre network.
These speeds are ideal for heavy broadband users and large families where numerous devices are simultaneously utilized to play online games or stream video.
In my region, what is the speed of Sky Broadband?
Sky’s superfast fibre broadband is available in more than 95 percent of the UK, although there may be some areas where it isn’t. Exact speeds will vary depending on a user’s location, with several factors influencing a home’s unique performance.
Use our Postcode Checker to see what Sky broadband speeds are available in your region, as well as what packages are available and what speeds you can expect.
What constitutes a satisfactory broadband connection?
What you consider to be a good broadband speed is determined by how you use the internet.
A regular ADSL connection may be sufficient for simple everyday web browsing in a small family, but you’ll need a faster connection for high-definition streaming, big downloads, or high-quality online gaming.
See what you can do with your current broadband speed by using our download time calculator.
Streaming speed on a broadband connection
The suggested minimum speed for using TV and film streaming services like Netflix and BBC iPlayer is 3Mbps for standard definition video and 5Mbps for HD content. However, if you want to broadcast in 4K ultra-high-definition smoothly, you’ll need at least 25Mbps.
Remember that this relates to a single device streaming a single piece of video; the more devices you want to utilize at the same time, the faster your speed must be.
Gaming requires high-speed Internet access.
The minimum speed required for gaming is rather modest – Xbox Live, for example, recommends 3Mbps for online gaming. However, there are a few more aspects to consider if you want the finest broadband for gaming.
If you want to download digital games to your PC or console, you’ll need far quicker speeds than this if you want it to finish in a decent amount of time. As a result, a minimum fiber connection speed of 30Mbps should be used. Faster, lower-latency connections further lessen the chance of lag interfering with your gaming.
Cloud gaming is also on the rise, where instead of downloading a game, you stream it over the internet, similar to how you might watch a Netflix show. However, for this to work successfully, you’ll need an extremely fast internet connection, which currently demands 35Mbps constantly only for that activity.
Setup of Sky Broadband
If you’re only getting a Sky broadband and calls bundle, installation should be simple because all you’ll need is an active phone connection.
In reality, in the vast majority of circumstances, you can self-install your broadband without ever having to call an engineer. Those who choose Sky TV services, on the other hand, will need an engineer to install the satellite and other necessary equipment at their home.
Is there an installation price for Sky Broadband?
The basic installation charge for Sky Broadband ranges from £19.95 to £39.95, depending on the precise package you choose. Sky broadband-only plans are often less expensive to set up than Sky TV plans.
When will Sky Broadband be installed?
Switching from a landline to Sky should take about two weeks if you already have one. It could take up to three weeks if you’re receiving broadband for the first time or need a landline installed.
Installation of sky fiber
It can take up to seven days to switch from a normal internet package to a fiber service. If your present router isn’t compatible, you’ll need to get a new one, which Sky will deliver to you promptly.
Q Hub by Sky
The Sky Q Hub is Sky’s flagship router, and it has received high praise for its performance, particularly when it comes to guaranteeing a stable connection across your home.
Setup of the Sky Q Hub
The Sky Q hub should be easy to set up because everything you need is provided in the box, and all you have to do is connect the included wires to your home’s master phone outlet and a power supply.
If you require additional assistance, Sky’s online support page provides straightforward step-by-step walkthroughs for the Sky Q hub and other Sky routers.
What are the most affordable Sky packages?
In the comparison tables at the top of this page, you can filter by speed, pricing, and what services are included to get the best Sky packages for TV, broadband, and landlines.
Remember that the greatest Sky packages are ones that fit your needs, so if you don’t use the internet very often, you might not need superfast fiber broadband.
It’s also a good idea to check broadband deals from other providers to ensure that the best Sky deals are exactly what you want.
Customer service at Sky Broadband
Sky customer support can be reached in a variety of ways.
The company’s website contains a wealth of online FAQs covering everything from setup to security primers, and you can also contact them via Facebook Messenger, SMS, email, or phone.
In our broadband guidelines area, you’ll find further information on how to contact your broadband provider.
Customer care phone number for Sky Broadband Call 0800 759 1467 to talk with a Sky customer support representative. For Sky Talk customers, this service is free; for others, it will be charged Please contact Sky via online forums, chats, and email whenever feasible.
Should I purchase a Sky package?
Sky TV continues to provide the most complete pay-TV bundles in the UK, with unique channels available nowhere else. If you’re thinking about bundling pay-TV with your broadband and home phone, Sky package packages are a good place to start.
Is Sky Fibre connected to a BT line?
SSky Broadband is currently available on the BT-owned Openreach network. This means that Openreach is the firm in charge of setting up and maintaining your home’s network and connections. This does not imply that you must have a BT account or a BT landline to use Sky Broadband.
Sky provides broadband and home phone packages, allowing you to acquire all of your services from utilizing one source.
Is BT less expensive than Sky?
Because BT and Sky are the two largest broadband providers in the UK, they are frequently in direct competition with one another. As a result, BT and Sky prices are generally comparable.
When you add extra services like digital TV, the price discrepancies between the two become even more considerable. In this instance, BT is generally less expensive than Sky because you get fewer channels and features.
Who has the fastest internet? Which is better, Sky or BT?
Sky and BT are both known for their high-quality broadband connections. They consistently rank at the top of customer satisfaction polls and have won broadband awards in a variety of areas. BT has a greater range of typical broadband speeds, ranging from 10Mbps to 67Mbps, and Sky Broadband is frequently less expensive.
Is Virgin Broadband superior to Sky Broadband?
Virgin Media provides some of the fastest broadband speeds available in the United Kingdom. Sky Broadband, on the other hand, is far more accessible than Virgin Media, and the opportunity to bundle in Sky TV makes it one of the most popular broadband providers in the UK.
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