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Explained: Television Packages

Once upon a time, you could only get TV packages from specialized TV providers, and your options were limited to digital TV services or free-to-air television.

You can now choose from a variety of TV bundles offered by main telecoms companies, streaming services, and other digital platforms. Traditional TV companies, meanwhile, have begun bundling their services with broadband bundles to provide consumers with the best value for their money.

What to look for in a TV bundle in the United Kingdom

Depending on your provider and TV package, TV packages in the UK might be rather different. It’s crucial to think about your TV viewing habits when looking for a TV bundle.

Do you enjoy watching new television episodes and movies as soon as they are released?

If you prefer watching new episodes of TV shows and movies, you might consider a larger digital TV package from providers such as Sky and Virgin Media.

Do you watch a lot of sporting events in real-time?

Live sports are available on a variety of TV packages, but they are often reserved for the most expensive.

It may be more cost advantageous to subscribe to a larger TV package if you want to watch live sports. Adding individual services like Sky Sports and BT Sport might soon become costly.

Do you have young or older children who require a lot of entertainment?

Kids’ networks, as well as a variety of music channels and reality TV channels for teenagers, are generally included in TV bundles from providers like Sky and Virgin Media. However, for streaming services like NOW, you can add these services individually.

Do you enjoy watching reruns of your favorite shows while the TV is on in the background?

Don’t overlook the sheer joy of having a steady stream of comfort stuff at your fingertips.

Streaming services offer a wide range of entertainment, but the process of having to choose can lead to you never pressing play. Having access to a large number of digital channels as part of a bundle TV package might be a tremendous convenience that you don’t have to forego.

Do you solely watch streaming services these days and don't watch other types of television?

If you prefer to binge your entertainment and no longer watch TV in its traditional format, streaming services such as Netflix, NOW, and Amazon Prime are ideal. All you need is a strong broadband connection and you’re good to go.

What is the easiest way to acquire the best TV bundle deals?

The greatest TV bundles are sometimes tied to a broadband provider. And, as most TV services (especially on-demand and catch-up) require good internet, it makes sense to start shopping for TV deals from your broadband provider.

If your current provider does not provide TV package packages, at least not the ones you want, it’s time to look into what other TV providers have to offer.

TV packages from the UK's leading TV providers

Sky, BT, Virgin Media, and TalkTalk are currently the largest TV providers in the UK market. We’ll look at the TV bundles each company offers below to help you get the best bargain.


Sky’s Signature bundle includes Sky Atlantic, FOX, Comedy Central, as well as music and documentary channels including Discovery and Nat Geo Wild. If that isn’t enough, you may also add and remove 31-day bundles for Box Sets, HD, and children’s programming.

Sky’s Multiroom function, which you can add for a price, is also fantastic because it allows you to watch Sky channels simultaneously in multiple rooms in the same house.

Sky's best TV packages

Sky Signature, the greatest TV package from Sky, is ideal for families and those who want to watch as much TV as possible. You can add Sky Sports, box sets, and even Netflix and Disney Plus to your bundle.

Sky TV is still your best option when it comes to the sheer volume of material and the number of ways you and your family may watch it.

Virgin Media Television

Virgin Media’s TV packages, which are available as part of its broadband, TV, and phone bundles, have been simplified. The Big Bundle, Bigger Bundle, and Ultimate Oomph Bundle, for example, each include 100+, 190+, and 230+ channels.

Virgin Media's best TV packages

While the Virgin Media Ultimate Oomph TV package has a lot of material, the Big Bundle on the lower end is arguably the greatest value for most TV consumers. Virgin Media’s extraordinarily fast M100 broadband, with average download speeds of 108Mbps, is coupled with over 100 premium channels, making it a top-of-the-line broadband and TV package for a very reasonable price.

BT Television

In their struggle for the rights to broadcast live sports in the United Kingdom, BT and Sky recently agreed to a truce. Their new partnership has made it easier than ever for BT subscribers to gain access to exclusive Sky content and vice versa. As a result, BT TV subscribers may utilize the NOW streaming service to simply access a variety of Sky channels on flexible monthly passes. Customers of Sky Sports can add BT Sport to their Sky Sports bundles in exchange.

Entertainment, Big Entertainment, Sport, Big Sport, and VIP are the five TV packages offered by BT TV.

BT TV's best TV packages

BT Sport is a must-have for sports enthusiasts and is included in the top TV bundles from BT TV. At one of the most affordable monthly fees, BT Big Sport gives you access to all BT Sport channels as well as all 11 Sky Sports channels.

Compare TV bundles based on their genres.

There are TV bundles intended specifically for sports fans, TV viewers, movie fanatics, and children. Most of the time, you’ll be able to find bundles that include the channels you desire in genres that are related. You can combine them into bundles or subscribe to individual channels to build your customized TV package in some situations.

Movie networks and sports channels are the most expensive TV packages, however, there are crucial TV packages that can make even these inexpensive.

The most affordable movie TV combo

The cheapest movie-watching TV bundle is usually the NOW Cinema membership, which you can buy separately for £11.99 or combine with other services like BT TV or TalkTalk TV. With a NOW Cinema membership, you may watch thousands of new and vintage movies, as well as get a daily premiere.

Most affordable Sports TV package

Finding a sports TV package that includes both Sky Sports and BT Sport is the key to getting the best deal. While buying BT Sport from Sky is the same price as buying Sky Sports from BT, BT TV allows you to receive a sports TV package without having to pay for all of the other entertainment channels.

For more information, see our guide to the cheapest ways to watch football on TV.

Packages that include both broadband and television are available.

Consumers who want to consolidate their monthly entertainment and internet access expenses, which can be fairly costly when purchased separately, can benefit from TV and broadband bundles.

You’ll pay fewer bills and potentially save hundreds of pounds a year if you choose a TV and broadband bundle.

BT, Sky, Virgin Media, TalkTalk, EE, and Plusnet are among the top TV and broadband companies now offering simple and affordable TV and broadband bundles.

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