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Why buy Virgin Media broadband?

  • You can save money. With certain offers, you can get cheaper broadband for 18 months.
  • Connect your house to the internet. With certain promotions, you can get a free router and everything you need to self-install.
  • Fast speeds regularly. Enjoy high-speed internet.

About Virgin Media

Virgin Media, founded by Sir Richard Branson in 1989, is one of the UK’s top broadband providers, offering some of the fastest internet speeds thanks to its dedicated cable network.

Its superfast, ultra-reliable connections provide incredible download speeds as well as high-quality gaming and TV streaming. And they all have minimal lag or buffering during peak times or when numerous people are using the internet at the same time.

Virgin Media offers, on the other hand, go beyond fantastic internet speeds. The company is a “quad-play” provider, meaning it provides home phone, mobile phone, and pay-TV services. As a result, you might get all of your household’s internet and entertainment from the same source for a single, bundled monthly charge.

If you’re already getting these services from other suppliers, this could end up being less expensive.

Virgin Media plans, on the other hand, are particularly suited to busy households with a high demand for internet and other telecoms services due to its fantastic speeds and premium, content-heavy bundles.

Deals on Virgin broadband

Virgin Media’s broadband connections are offered via its cable network, which connects people’s houses directly to fibre-based ‘coaxial’ cables rather than through the local street cabinet.

As a result, it can provide much faster speeds than traditional superfast fibre-to-the-cabinet (FTTC) broadband services that rely on Openreach’s network. As a result, a variety of ultrafast bundles are available.

Virgin Media phone and broadband deals on Switch Squid

Deal Average Speed Contract Period
Virgin Media M200 Superfast Fibre Broadband Only (no phone line) 18 months 213Mb
Virgin Media Larger and Movies TV Package, Superfast Fibre Phone and Broadband 18 months 108Mb
Virgin Media Larger and Sports & Movies Package, Superfast Fibre Weekend Calls and Broadband 18 months 362Mb
Virgin Media Large Package and Drama & Docs Pick, Superfast Fibre Weekend Calls and Broadband 18 months 108Mb
Virgin Media Large TV Package, Ultrafast Fibre Broadband, and Phone 18 months 54Mb
Virgin Media M500 Superfast Fibre Broadband and Phone 18 months 516Mb
Virgin Media M500 Superfast Fibre Broadband (no phone line) 18 months 516Mb
Virgin Media M200 Superfast Fibre Broadband and Phone 18 months 213Mb
Virgin Media M100 Superfast Fibre Broadband and Phone 18 months 108Mb

Fast speeds are available with even the most basic Virgin Media internet and phone plans.

A Virgin Media home phone line is also included, as well as free weekend calls to UK landlines and Virgin Mobile numbers.

Depending on your demands, you can add a variety of extras, such as free weekend calls to all mobiles and nighttime or anytime calls to the UK or foreign lines.

Your home phone will work over Virgin Media’s cable network rather than Openreach’s copper phone lines because Virgin Media owns and operates its infrastructure.

Virgin Media offers television and internet services.

Virgin Media has several television packages that may be added to any broadband bundle. These include the Big Bundle, which has over 100 channels, and the Bigger Bundle, which has over 195 channels and includes premium services like Sky Showcase, Fox, and a variety of HD services.

You may also add movies or sports packages from other providers to your Virgin Media bundle, as it includes the entire Sky Cinema channel lineup and a Sports Package that includes both Sky Sports and BT Sport.

You may build up profiles to obtain personalized recommendations for each member of the household and start live broadcasts from the beginning, in addition to the normal pause, rewind, and record capabilities.

Deals on Virgin Media TV, broadband, and phone

You may also get Virgin Media broadband, phone, and TV offer that covers all of your needs if you choose a bundle plan that includes all of the above.

Virgin Media's broadband-only deals

Virgin Media broadband is also accessible without the need to sign up for a Virgin phone line or TV package if you’re only searching for a quick way to go online.

However, evaluate the cost of internet-only versus broadband plus a phone connection, as in some places, getting both may be cheaper.

What are the most cost-effective Virgin broadband options?

The finest Virgin Media deals are those that are most closely aligned with your requirements.

Most Virgin Media broadband connections are significantly faster than those offered by most other fiber broadband providers. As a result, if you decide to join Virgin Media, you should be aware that its costs may be slightly higher (depending on the package you choose).

Virgin Media offers internet rates up to 600Mbps, and many older connections are being upgraded to be capable of gigabit (1Gbps) speeds as well. However, the faster you want your internet speed, the higher the monthly price of Virgin Media broadband plans would be.

As a result, it’s a good idea to examine your household’s internet consumption and pick a broadband speed that can manage your needs while not being much higher and more expensive.

Take a look at our broadband speed guide to see which package is best for you and your family.

Is it possible for me to acquire Virgin Media broadband?

While Virgin Media isn’t as extensively available as fibre broadband providers that use Openreach’s network, it nevertheless serves roughly 52% of UK households.

To see if Virgin Media is available in your area, use the Switch Squid Postcode Checker.

Existing Virgin Media customers can take advantage of special discounts.

If you’re currently a Virgin Media client and wish to upgrade your services, the firm has a variety of offers and discounts to choose from.

By login into your Virgin Media account and viewing the current offers, you can see what’s available.

Virgin Media offers new customers special rates.

Virgin Media usually offers excellent bargains to new customers, with discounts of up to 50% off the monthly cost of their bundle for the first year.

Furthermore, the provider occasionally holds limited-time flash deals where you can often obtain free devices such as gaming consoles or televisions, so it’s worth keeping an eye on what’s on offer at any given time.

Student deals from Virgin Media

Virgin Media also has dedicated student broadband deals if you’re going to university.

Exclusive 30-day rolling contract offers for superfast broadband and phone packages that aren’t available anywhere else are among them. If you only require broadband for a limited time, this is the best option.

Virgin Media has special deals for low-income families.

Customers who receive Universal Credit or other kinds of government financial help can get an Essential broadband bundle from Virgin Media.

Customers can purchase a 15Mbps broadband-only connection on a monthly rolling contract for £15 per month. As a result, rather than needing to wait until the conclusion of a fixed-term contract, you will be able to depart with just 30 days’ notice.

Take a look at our broadband deals for low-income families to find low-cost internet solutions for your home.

Virgin Media's high-speed internet

Virgin Media can offer much higher speeds than many other broadband providers since it has a dedicated fibre network. The possible alternatives are shown below.

Fibre Broadband M100

Virgin Media’s M100 package, with average download speeds of 108Mbps and average upload speeds of 10Mbps, is the slowest Virginwebchat Media deal (which is still about double the average UK internet speed) on Switch Squid.

This, according to Virgin, is best suited for households with five to nine devices in continual use (especially if some of those are streaming video).

Fibre Broadband M200

Virgin’s M200 package offers average download speeds of 213Mbps and upload rates of 20Mbps for larger houses with ten or more devices that need to connect to the internet at the same time.

Fibre Broadband M350

Virgin’s M350 fibre broadband service, which delivers average download speeds of 362Mbps and upload speeds of 34Mbps, is ideal for those who use a lot of data.

This is the appropriate option for you if you live in a house with a lot of internet users who want to broadcast in 4K on many devices and play competitive online games.

Fibre Broadband M500

Finally, consumers with the highest demand can expect download speeds of up to 516Mbps and upload speeds of up to 35Mbps on average.

It would be tough to use this tremendously fast bundle to its full potential, but if you live in a home with numerous ‘power users,’ where everyone is playing 4K video games and running large, demanding computer programs on multiple devices, you could feel safer with it.

Virgin Media’s gigabit internet service

By the end of 2021, Virgin will have upgraded its whole network to provide gigabit internet (1000Mbps) to all of its locations.

Right now, breaking this speed limit is very hard, but it’s more about future-proofing your property than what you can do with it now. In the future decades, as more home devices consume more internet, gigabit broadband will allow us to utilize them effortlessly and flawlessly.

To check how your current internet speed compares to other broadband connections in your region, run a broadband speed test.

In my neighborhood, what is the Virgin Media broadband speed?

Because of the nature of Virgin’s cable network, there should be a lot less variety in the real speeds that homes can obtain. If Virgin Media is available in your location, you can expect speeds that are extremely close to those promised.

Use our Postcode Checker to find if Virgin Media broadband is available in your area.

Installation of Virgin Media broadband

Virgin Media will send an engineer to install the cable and get everything set up for new clients. This is something you may arrange when you place your order.

Homes that have previously had Virgin Media installed can use the company’s QuickStart self-install, which allows you to get started in just a few easy steps.

Is there an installation fee with Virgin Media?

The installation price for most Virgin Media internet and TV bundles is approximately £35.

Time to set up Virgin Media

If you choose the QuickStart option, you’ll receive all of the necessary equipment via courier or click-and-collect, with QuickStart kits typically arriving within three working days on the UK mainland and four working days in Northern Ireland.

When it comes to engineer visits, you’ll be able to select a day when you submit your order, which is normally within 14 days. It should take between 30 minutes and two hours to get everything up and running once you arrive at your house.

Virgin Media's router

Virgin Media’s Super Hub wireless router is the company’s fastest and most advanced wireless router. Depending on your plan, it can connect up to 20 devices at once at wireless rates up to seven times quicker than the UK average.

It uses the 5GHz frequency, which is more modern and less congested than the 2.5GHz frequencies used by many other providers’ routers. As a result, you can game, broadcast, and download wirelessly without experiencing significant lag.

What you'll need to know about setting up your Virgin Media router

On the Virgin Media website, you may find detailed instructions for each router model.

Virgin Media's internet security

Advanced parental controls and robust anti-virus and anti-malware software are among the features offered by the company to keep your browsing safe.

Families will be switched on by Virgin Media.

The ‘Switched on Families’ package of services from the provider helps keep your family safe online, whether at home or on the go.

On its website, there’s also an interactive guide to help you understand the alternatives and how to best protect your children, regardless of their age or the content they wish to watch.

Virgin Media's Web Security

Virgin Media Web Safe protects any device connected to your network when you’re at home.

This can keep you safe while shopping online or using banking services by preventing bogus and fraudulent sites and protecting you from infections. All broadband packages come with it for free.

Virgin Media F-Secure SAFE

Virgin Media F-Secure SAFE services protect up to five devices, including mobile phones, tablets, PCs, and Macs, from viruses, fraudsters, and theft, no matter where you are.

Parental controls on Virgin Media

Virgin Media’s parental controls may be tailored to your specific needs, allowing you to ban access to problematic websites or content categories while also limiting your children’s screen time.

Customer service at Virgin Media

There are various ways to contact Virgin Media if you have any questions or concerns, or if you wish to discuss your account.

Customer service ratings for Virgin Media

Customers of Virgin Media are generally satisfied with the quality of their broadband and customer service, according to Ofcom research released in April 2019. Ofcom found that 85 percent of Virgin Media customers are satisfied with the overall level of service, compared to 83 percent for the industry as a whole.

Virgin Media’s customer support line.

Virgin Media customer support can be reached in a variety of ways. You can receive help over the phone or by live webchat, in addition to a large number of online FAQs.

Customer service phone number for Virgin Media

Virgin Media customer care can be reached by dialing 1560 from a Virgin Media landline or by calling 0808 168 8217 from any telephone.

Live chat with Virgin Media customer service

If you’re having trouble with your broadband, you may also contact the company’s live chat staff. On Virgin Media’s website, you may learn more about this service.

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